No more shopping at Kmart and Sears for me

So I’m done with shopping at Kmart and Sears stores. I was originally told that the display cases they was using for games was supposed to be kept for now, so I asked to have my name and phone number put onto them so if they was going to get rid of them I would come and get them (either pay for them or free). A week passes and they threw the cases out. Not a single phone call, I call the manager today and ask what happened. He says while he was out of the store they tore them down and threw them out. So that means that either

A) He never put my name on them, and that would make him a flat out liar
B) His management team just does as they please without asking him about anything. Which would ask what type of manager is he?

So now I am calling other stores in the surrounding areas to find the cases. Guess this is how Kmart/Sears treats customers that have been shopping at the stores since around 1987.

I can not continue to support a store like this, so guess Walmart gets more of my business 🙁

R.I.P. Beautiful Display Cases


I sent a msg to kmart’s facebook page and this was the response I got back “James, we do not sell the display pieces from the store. If you would like assistance finding a similar product for your games we would be happy to help you with that.”

So basically what they are saying is that every single display unit from both Kmart and Sears stores just go into the trash. Think about how this would have been back with the “World of Nintendo” display cabinets from the NES and SNES days 🙁

Update (March 7, 2015): been calling around to the Kmart stores in my surrounding towns and none of them have the cabinets anymore. This pisses me off so much that they just trashed all those cabinets.