Continuing cataloging my games

So I have been spending most of my free time searching boxes for my games, and cataloging them all. Have noticed more games have come missing from their cases.

Apple IIc Games14400.23%
Arcade Video Games4
Atari 2600659706.70%
Atari 5200156921.74%
Atari 7800118512.94%
Atari Jaguar5677.46%
Atari Jaguar CD0150.00%
Atari Lynx2862.33%
Bandai WonderSwan51034.85%
Bandai WonderSwan Color11020.98%
Commodore 641
Commodore VIC-2011750.57%
Magnavox Odyssey 2328537.65%
Mattel Intellivision101526.58%
Microsoft XBOX11199911.11%
Microsoft XBOX 3605011374.40%
Microsoft XBOX One13250.31%
NEC PC Engine22810.71%
NEC PC Engine CD164153.86%
NEC TurboGrafx-16119411.70%
NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD0450.00%
Nintendo 3DS25040.40%
Nintendo DS212970.15%
Nintendo Famicom110570.09%
Nintendo Famicom Disk System2722911.79%
Nintendo Game Boy Advance2910742.70%
Nintendo Game Boy Color54691.07%
Nintendo Game Cube336485.09%
Nintendo N644338711.11%
Nintendo NES19082223.11%
Nintendo Super NES767849.69%
Nintendo Wii712220.57%
Nintendo WiiU04570.00%
Nintendo Virtual Boy1224.55%
PC Games37
Sega 32X & 32X CD54012.50%
Sega CD3022013.64%
Sega Dreamcast506297.95%
Sega Game Gear243636.61%
Sega Genesis13089814.48%
Sega Master System193185.97%
Sega Saturn345965.70%
Sega PICO1205.00%
SNK Neo Geo AES01130.00%
SNK Neo Geo CD2633.17%
SNK Neo Geo MVS01480.00%
SNK Neo Geo Pocket11010.00%
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color0830.00%
Sony Playstation 18923643.76%
Sony Playstation 215138743.90%
Sony Playstation 3397964.90%
Sony Playstation 441782.25%
Sony PSP Games8230.00%
Sony PSP UMD Video56700.75%
Sony PS Vita09090.00%
Texas Instruments TI-99/A4142465.69%
ZX Spectrum 48K016940.00%

(Last Updated Oct 22, 2015)