Youtuber asks for $17,600??

So recently news about a Youtuber with a few million subscribers was contacted by Wales Interactive the studio that made the game Soul Axiom to do a featured video of the game. Which they responded back with the rates they charge “$17,600 for 2-3 talking points or $22,000 for 2-3 talking points AND a description link”

I do not understand how people want to charge such crazy prices, I guess that could be what they normally charge for the videos or maybe they are trying to get a new vehicle. To me that is an insane price to charge. If any company would like you do a video on the game they made I personally would only want a copy of the game for me, a few copies to give away, and written permission to publish and monetize the video. But then again I do not have or want to have millions of subscribers.

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