Youtube Gaming Videos

I have been attempting to contact game companies to get permission to use footage from game play recording I have been making on content sites like YouTube, Twitch, Hitbox, etc and so far I have not been having any luck getting the companies to respond

Date SentCompanyContactDate ReturnedPermission
Feb 12, 2015Vblank EntertainmentNone NeededFeb 12, 2015Granted
Feb 12, 2015VlambeerNone NeededFeb 12, 2015Granted
Feb 12, 2015Nintendo Of AmericaKristinaFeb 14, 2015Denied
Sept 12, 2015Deep Silver, IncAubreyGranted?TwitLonger
Sept 16, 2015Remedy EntertainmentMatias
Sept 23, 2015Remedy EntertainmentLauriSept 24, 2015Granted via email, for Alan Wake and Death Rally
Found Sept 23, 2015Double Fine ProductionsNone NeededGranted
Found Sept 23, 2015Oddworld InhabitantsNone NeededGranted
Found Sept 23, 2015UbisoftNone NeededGranted
Found Sept 23, 2015Apogee SoftwareNone NeededGranted
Found Sept 23, 2015Devolver DigitalNone NeededGranted
Found Sept 23, 2015Mike BithellMike BithellGranted
Sept 24, 2015Rockstar Gamesgeneric pr email
Sept 24, 2015Take2 Interactivegeneric contact email
Sept 24, 2015Activisionpress email
Sept 26, 2015Crazy Viking Studiosgeneric contact emailSept 26, 2015Granted via email
Sept 26, 2015SNK Playmoregeneric contact email
Nov 23, 2015TTgamesArthur, Samuel, and contact form.Nov 24, 2015 Granted via email by Samuel
Nov 25, 2015CapcomStephanieNov 30, 2015We aren't able to provide express permissions, however if any of your content happens to get flagged in the future that you feel is unfair, please report it via YouTube's standard submission and it will be reviewed by the proper team.
April 21, 2016Disney

I plan to list every attempt I have done for getting permission to do video content and if I am denied or granted permission to do videos from the games.