Was the Nintendo Switch rushed?

The Nintendo Switch system was released just recently on March 3, 2017. Numerous people have been reporting multiple issues dealing with the system already. The dock is scratching the screens, if you apply a skin to the system or controllers the glue eats into the material of the casing, the left JoyCon controller looses sync with the system. Now it was found out that a wifi signal bug is causing frame rate drops in the games.

Personally I do think the reason Nintendo was so secretive about the details on the system was because they was still developing the features they wanted on the system. I also think the switch is more a upgraded Wii U, yes I know system specs etc are way different (stronger) but I fell many of the games we are seeing released such as Zelda Breath of the Wild was started off as a Wii U developed title and then ported over to the switch.