These are the random stuff I want, in no real order. Also I do not enjoy digital releases of games, so if I can get the physical version of a game for a few dollars more I will always do it. So if a game was digital only in the usa (example Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Black Water) and another country gets a physical version I’ll import it and skip the usa version. Even if the system is region locked, I try to get a system from each region.

These are items I sold to help pay for a funeral so these would be higher priority to reclaim
My wanted Toys
My Wanted Games
List of Sold Comic Books

Microsoft Xbox 360 – 60GB White System (Box)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim – 4GB Black System (Box)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim – 250GB Black System (Box)

Megaman – Vol. 2: Battle for the Future (2003)
The New Adventures of He-Man – Volume 1 DVD #6 [Thank you Chris!]
The New Adventures of He-Man – Volume 1 Outer DVD Case Sleeve/Box [Thank you Chris!]
The New Adventures of He-Man – Volume 2

Panasonic FZ-1 (America) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Panasonic FZ-1 (Japanese)
Panasonic FZ-10 (American)
Panasonic FZ-10 (Japanese)

Apple Computers
Apple G4 (450mhz) Computer (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Apple Macintosh OS 8 CD-Rom
Apple Macintosh OS 9 CD-Rom
Apple Macintosh OS 10 (Tiger) CD-Rom

Apple IIc
Appple IIc – Computer (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Appple IIc – Monitor (Metal Stand, Manual, Box & Inserts)

Coin Operated Machines
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4 Player) (Game & Manual)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (4 Player) (Game & Manual)

Atari 400/800 Computer
Atari 400

Atari 2600
Atari 2600 (4-Switch Woody) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Atari 2600 (4-Switch Darth) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Atari 5200
Atari 5200 (4-Port Version) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
AV Box (4 Port)
Power Cable (4 Port)

Atari 7800
Atari 7800 (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Composite AV Cable
RGB AV Cable
S-Video AV Cable

Atari Jaguar CD
Atari Jaguar CD (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Atari Jaguar CD System

Atari Lynx
Atari Lynx (Model 1) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Atari Pong Systems
Atari Super Pong (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Atari XE GS
Atari XE GS (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Bally Astrocade
Bally Astrocade System
Bally Astrocade (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Bandai WonderSwan
Bandai WonderSwan (Blue) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Bandai WonderSwan (Silver) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Bandai WonderSwan Color
Bandai WonderSwan Color System

Bandai WonderSwan Crystal
Bandai WonderSwan Crystal System

Bung Co Ltd
Bung Doctor V64 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Power Cable for V64

Buzztime Home Trivia System (2 Player Bundle) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Buzztime Home Trivia System (4 Player Bundle) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Coleco Adam (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Coleco Telstar (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Telstar Ranger (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Telstar Ranger Controller Padles (x2)

Colecovision (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Atari Module (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Commodore Computers
Commodore C64C [European] (Manuals, Box & Inserts)
Commodore VIC-20 System

Magnavox CD-i 200 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Magnavox CD-i 450 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Digital Video Cartridge for 400 & 450 systems

FM Towns Marty (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Marty Controller
FM Towns Mouse
FM Towns Keyboard

LeapFrog Leapster (Manual, Box & Inserts)
LeapFrog Leapster 2 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Little Leaps (Manual, Box & Inserts)

LJN Video Art (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Magnavox Odyssey
Odyssey System
Odyssey 200 Power Cable

Magnavox Odyssey 2
Magnavox Odyssey2 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Alien Invaders Plus! (Box & Manual)
Attack of the Timelord! (Manual)
Baseball! (Box & Manual)
Cosmic Conflict! (Box & Manual)
Electronic Table Soccer! (Manual)
Football! (Cart, and Manual)
Hockey!/Soccer! (Manual)
Invaders From Hyperspace! (Box & Manual)
K.C. Munchkin! (Box & Manual)
Killer Bees! (Manual)
Las Vegas Blackjack! (Manual)
Monkeyshines! (Box & Manual)
Nimble Numbers Ned! (Cart, and Manual)
Out of this World/Helicopter Rescue! (Box & Manual)
P.T. Barnum’s Acrobats! (Manual)
Pachinko! (Box & Manual)
Pick Axe Pete! (Box & Manual)
Showdown in 2100 A.D.! (Box & Manual)
Smithereens! (Manual)
Speedway!/Spin-Out!/Crypto-Logic! (Manual)
Sub Chase!/Armored Encounter! (Box & Manual)
Thunderball! (Manual)
UFO! (Box & Manual)
War of Nerves! (Manual)

Mattel Intellivision
Matel Intellivision (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Mattel Aquarius
Mattel Aquarius (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Microsoft MSX
MSX System

Microsoft XBOX
Microsoft Xbox (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Microsoft XBOX 360
Microsoft Xbox 360 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim (Basic 4gb version) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Microsoft XBOX One
Microsoft Xbox One (Manual)

NEC PC Engine
NEC PC-Engine Core (Manual, Box & Inserts)

NEC PC Engine CD
NEC PC-Engine Duo R (Manual, Box & Inserts)
NEC PC-Engine CDrom2 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
NEC PC-Engine Interface Unit (Manual, Box & Inserts)

NEC TurboGrafx-16
NEC TurboGrafx-16 (Manual, Box & Inserts)

NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD
NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD (Manual, Box & Inserts)
CD Carry Case Latch (Black)

Nintendo 3DS
3DS System

Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite (Black/Crimson)
Nintendo DS Lite (Cobalt Blue)
Nintendo DS Lite (Metalic Pink)
Nintendo DS Lite (White)
Nintendo DSi XL (Blue)

Nintendo Famicom
Famicom System (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Power Supply for Famicom System

Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Famicom Disk System (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Power Supply for Famicom DIsk System

Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy (DMG) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Advanced (Arctic) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (Cobalt) (Manual)
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP (Silver) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo Game Boy Color (Yellow) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo Game Cube
Nintendo Game Cube (Jet Black) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo Game Cube (Indigo Purple) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo Game Cube (Platinum Silver) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo N64
Nintendo N64 (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo NES
Acclaim Double Player System (Grey Turbo Button, Manual, Box & Inserts)
Konami LaserScope (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo NES Advantage Joystick (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo NES (Front Loader) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo NES (Top Loader) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo NES Action Set (Styrofoam Inserts)

Nintendo Super NES
Nintendo SNES (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Nintendo SNES (Mini) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo Virtual Boy (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Eye Shade

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Nintendo WiiU
Nintendo Land 32GB System Bundle (cardboard holder for gamepad, Bag for wiiu gamepad power cable, Bag for wiiu system power cable, White bag for wiiu gamepad, White bag for wiiu system, Nintendo HDMI cable, twist ties (If different then generic black ones)

OnLive (Manual)

PC Games & Hardware
Gateway (mfatxpnt
esx e4000) Computer (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Radioshack Tandy Computers
Radioshack Color Computer 3 (Coco3) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

RCA Studio II (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega 32X
Sega 32X (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega 32X CD
Corpse Killer
Night Trap
Supreme Warrior
Surgical Strike

Sega CD
Sega CD (Model 2) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Game Gear
Sega Game Gear (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis (Model 1) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Sega Genesis (Model 2) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Sega Genesis (Model 3) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
AtGames Sega Genesis (Model 4) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Master System
Sega Master System (Model 1) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Sega Master System (Model 2) (European) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Mega Drive
Sega Genesis (Model 1) [Japanese] (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn (Model 1) (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Sega Saturn (Model 2) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sega Pico (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sinclair Computers
ZX Spectrum 48K
ZX Spectrum+


SNK Neo Geo CD

8 Man
Burning Fight
Fatal Fury
King of Fighters ’96
Mutation Nation
Ninja Combat
World Heroes

SNK Neo Geo Pocket
Neo Geo Pocket (Manual, Box & Inserts)

SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
Neo Geo Pocket Color (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sony Playstation 1
Sony Playstation 1 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Sony PSone (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sony Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 2 (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Sony PStwo (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sony Playstation 3
Sony Playstation 3 (CECHA01) (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sony Playstation 4
Playstation 4 System (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Playstation 4 System Shell/Case

Sony PSP
Sony PSP (Model 1000) [Spiderman Bundle] (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Sony PSP UMD Videos

Sony PS Vita
Sony PS TV

Texas Instruments TI-99/A4

Vtech V.Smile (Manual, Box & Inserts)
Vtech V.Smile Pocket (Manual, Box & Inserts)

World of Wonders
Action Max (Manual, Box & Inserts)

ZapIt Game Wave
ZapIt Game Wave (Manual, Box & Inserts)

Card Games
Chaotic Trading Card Game
Eye of Judgement Card Game

Board Games
Dark Tower (1981)
Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game
Dragon Strike (1993) (Have the VHS Tape)
Electronic Dream Phone
Electronic Mall Madness
Key To The Kingdom (Need 1 Pawn, and all bridge parts)
The Classic Dungeon (1992)
The Omega Virus
Tower of the Wizard King (1993)