This page is designed to be a list of people who I have done trades with in the past, or people that I had a difficult time dealing with. These are people I have done trades with and your experiences may be different then mine was.
I plan to add an entry every time I do any purchases, trades, etc with someone.

Good Traders
Alan Binley (Facebook)
Becky Rudnicki (Facebook)
Harvey Dent (Facebook)
Matthew Gammons (Facebook)
Mike Vasaya (Facebook)
Tone Capone (Facebook)

Unsure Traders
Chris Creighton (Facebook)
Traded a spare Power Stone (Dreamcast) CIB for his Resident Evil 2 (N64) CIB. Trade was perfect I had no issues on our trade. But a few days after our trade was done, I read in a couple groups on facebook that he had ripped off a couple users in trades. So even though I had a good experience with him I will not do another trade with him.

Bad Traders
Aaron Miller (Facebook)
Sold me some laserdisc movies (nightmare on elm street 6: freddy’s dead, art of computer animation, crow, Rocketeer, return to oz, starship troopers, laseroptics 2, ghost in the machine [sealed]), I had to ask for a refund due to him never mailing them out.

Kris Johnson (Facebook)
Offered to trade me his loose copy of Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64) for any of the missing games he needs to complete his GameCube collection.

I have a near complete gamecube library I’m just missing re code.veronica episodes 1 and 2 metal gear solid twin snakes ikaruga and beyond good and evil

I told him I would check my local stores to find one, first I found a loose disc only version let him know, then found a complete in case/box version of the game with the serial code intact. Bought it just so I could finally get my hands on Conker again. Only to have him not respond to any of my messages I had sent him, and then he posts on another group that he is looking to sell conker for $45. So he never let me know he decided to not do the trade, and refuses to answer any private messages or reply in his thread. I’m gonna add him to my avoid list

Matthew brett ham (Facebook)
He was selling like 30 nes empty game boxes for $5 each plus shipping. He had about 11 that I wanted for my games but something seemed to be off about it and I was getting a feeling that I would have problems with him. So instead I only bought 2 of them and would later try to buy the other ones I needed if I had no problems with him shipping. After sending him $15 (5 per box, and $5 shipping) he gives me a tracking number and says it has shipped. 7 days later tracking number still does not work. If I end up getting them in the mail I will bost a video but I doubt I get them and will have to have paypal refund me. So far has given me 2 bad tracking numbers.

Bad Group Administrators
Jonathan Pate
Admin of a facebook group, has a serious attitude problem. I refuse to deal or even talk to people like that.
Jason Zimmerman
Another power tripping admin.

Bad Ebay Sellers
Donezo: Ebay Link Purchased 3 “broken” Atari 5200 controllers and a Jungle Hunt game for $29.95 with free shipping on Sep 30, 2015 at 11:12AM. The controllers arrived on Oct 15, 2015 in a small box with no padding at all. The game was not in the box. I sent multiple messages to the seller on ebay and got no response after I requested contact info from ebay and called him and left a voice mail I got an email back from him.

Email says

Hi! Sorry about the late shipment. I’m done with eBay so I haven’t seen the messages. I’ll have the game sent out to you today. I’ll give you tracking through here also.

Ebay Message says

Hi sorry for the late shipment. I completely took all my stuff off eBay and switched over to other sites. I’ll have the item shipped out today and I’ll give you tracking information today as well.

GameLiquidations: Ebay Link lists items for sale in qty, allows BIN of multiple items, refuses to ship any items over qty of 1. Now when I ask him to full refund so I can go with another seller seems to not want to do that since he found out I am leaving negative feedback for him. Told him if he mails even 1 of the items to me I will write return to sender on package. He just sent me another message about since he put tracking on ebay he mail me any empty bag, So he will be getting it back via “Return To Sender”
here is some of the feedback left for that seller

  • Buyer beware
  • I bought this tv on 8-25. Over 2 wks. no tv.
  • Needed to cancel took to long to help me out not professional

kotoshu Ebay Link An auction ends on Dec 24, 2015 at 2:23AM then seller never tries to contact me and without considering it being a holiday files unpaid case on Monday Dec 28, 2015 at 09:22 AM, Auction was paid for on monday Dec 28, 2015 at 10:06 AM. Seller gives me a tracking number that seems to be bad “Not Found: The Postal Service could not locate the tracking information for your request. Please verify your tracking number and try again later.” I have sent messages to the seller and he never responds to any of them.