This page is a log of all the times I have had companies have failed to provide support on products they sold to consumers.

Hauppauge: Stopped any tech support after 6 months of owning HD-PVR 2. I have contacted them over 50 times to get support on my defective capture device.

ASROCK: Called tech support and talked with someone the first week owning the ASRock 970 Extreme3 R2.0 motherboard about having issues with audio output from the motherboard would always have a buzzing noise and no actual sound (music, videos, etc). Was told it had to be a driver issue or another part causing the problem. I gave up on trying to get any audio from the system for almost a year. Until I thought about getting another sound card, so I bought a cheap USB sound card from eBay. Once that card arrived in the mail I booted the system up like normal plugged in audio cables in again and got buzzing, so I plugged in the USB card into the front USB port on my case and the audio cable into that card and after windows installed the drivers I had perfectly working audio! swap cables back to the internal and buzzing again. Contact ASROCK again told they will RMA the motherboard but if out of warranty they will charge me $50 for that. I sent them back another email on May 3, 2017 about verifying if my motherboard was still in warranty or not and have yet to get a response back from them as of today (July 8, 2017).