I have used steam before and was never very impressed with it, after getting an account hacked and stolen from me in the past i gave up on trying to recover my steam account. Decided back in Dec 2013 to give it another try and was forced to create a new account completely. So I lost everything that was attached to the account. Which also included retail bought games (Yes those are the ones that came in boxes, with manuals, and included the CD-Key printed on them). Spoke with a tech support agent (if you can call him that) named “Jared” Do yourself a favor and if you are getting assistance by him just give up your never going to get the problem fixed.

I provided all the details for my account, “Jared” refused.
I provided all the CD-Keys for the games i bought, “Jared” refused again.
He matched one of my CD-Key serial numbers to one on another account and reset that password. Which turns out that someone had stolen the CD-Key serial number of mine (I’m gonna guess by a key generator) and used that on the account.

He gave me that account, which turned out to not be mine. I informed him of this, that the account is not mine and I would like the serial number for my game removed from it, and asked him to take back that account. I do not have access to it anymore. (Have not retested the generated password, and will not try it to find out)

So I had to make a new account, without any of the items I had purchased in the past, Steam (Valve) refuses to correct the problem. So I have official sworn off Steam completely. By that i mean i will try out Steam enabled games but only if they are FREE or given to me by redeem codes. I will not spend a single penny on anything by Valve or Steam again.

Fuck them.