Skylanders: Spyro Adventure (Wii)

Today I found a used Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure starter set for the Wii for $5, and it had a few bonus figures in it 🙂

3-Character Sticker Sheet (Gill Grunt, Spyro, Trigger Happy)
Gill Grunt Code Card (Missing)
Gill Grunt Figure
Gill Grunt Stats Card
Trigger Happy Figure
Trigger Happy Code Card (Missing)
Trigger Happy Stats Card
Spyro Code card (Missing)
Spyro Figure
Spyro Stats Card (Missing)
Spyro’s Adventure Game (Wii)
Spyro’s Adventure Poster
Wireless Portal (Missing Battery Cover)
Wireless Portal USB reader (Missing)

Bonus Figures
Chop Chop
Ghost Swords
Hidden Treasure
Pirate Ship
Terra Fin