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Remaining Games: Sony PSP

In January I sold a bunch of my games to help pay for a funeral for my Grandma. I am slowly sorting all my games and updating my catalog of owned games to match what I still currently have and then to also make lists of what I need to rebuy.

Currently own:
Daxter (Greatest Hits) (Game & Sleeve)
Final Fantasy (Game Only)
Final Fantasy IV (Game Only)
Final Fantasy Tactics – The War of the Lions (Game Only)
Final Fantasy Tactics – The War of the Lions (Greatest Hits) (Game Only)
Infected (Complete In Case)
Kingdom Hearts – Birth By Sleep (Game Only)
Loco Roco (Demo) (Complete In Case)
NBA Live 08 (Game Only)
Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End (Complete In Case)
Sampler Disc Version 1 (Complete In Case)
SWAT Target Liberty (Complete In Case)
Syphon Filter – Logan’s Shadow (Demo) (Complete In Case)
Untold Legends – Brotherhood of the Blade (Complete In Case)
Worms 2 Open Warfare (Complete In Case)
WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 (Game Only)

Games I Sold, and want to rebuy:

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