Remaining Games: Playstation Longbox Games

In January I sold a bunch of my games to help pay for a funeral for my Grandma. I am slowly sorting all my games and updating my catalog of owned games to match what I still currently have and then to also make lists of what I need to rebuy.

Currently own:
Descent (LB Plastic Ridged) [CIB]
Doom (LB Cardboard) [Missing Disc]
Extreme Games (LB Standard) [CIB]
Johnny Bazookatone (Plastic Ridged) [Box Only]
NBA In The Zone (LB Cardboard) [CIB]
NFL Game Day (LB Cardboard) [Missing Manual]
PGA Tour 96 (LB Standard) [CIB]
World Cup Golf Professional Edition [LB Cardboard]

Games I Sold, and want to rebuy: