No Playtonic support from me

I have asked now 10 times for playtonic to issue me a refund on my kickstarter funds and they have yet to respond to a single one. I will not be buying any games they release and will be contacting my bank to have them do a chargeback. I will never again give these clowns any money for games.

Coming from someone who has bought 3 copies of conker bad fur day on n64 (keep getting stolen from me), conker pocket tales on gameboy color, both n64 banjo kazooie games, kameo elements of power on xbox360, banjo kazooie nuts & bolts on xbox360, rare replay on xbox one. Plus the many Nintendo properties (donkey kong country, etc), the nes games they did (Nightmare on elm street), etc to see a company made up from many of the people who worked on so many games I loved growing up turn to be like this. I can no longer support them and will use those future funds that would have been for playtonic games towards other companies that will actually respond back.