NintendoAge Elite ban Tim Atwood

Once again the elitist admins at a forum show their ego. This time it is NintendoAge doing it. Admins banned user Tim Atwood from the forum for a temp week, this being the same Tim Atwood that was showing his large collection of shipping boxes of sealed games including 6 sealed copies of the ultra rare nes game Stadium Events and refused to sell them to just anyone. He has been looking for the proper people who will enjoy them and not just resell them. Tim recently gave on user of the group a sealed nes game of Kirby’s Adventure for the total sum of……$1! Yeah you read that correctly a brand new sealed nes game that is hard (but not impossible) to find in sealed condition for $1, the person said it was one of his favorite games and Tim hooked him up.

To what ever admin decide to ban Tim from the forum you have shown yourself that you are one of the people who should not be trusted with admin status and I hope something happens to your account.