My Greatest Sega Saturn haul

Today on my lunch break at work, I walked down to the food court and decided instead to stop into Babbages. A girl was working behind the counter. I walked over to the used strategy guides and was going to grab a couple cheap ones for some games I was having problems with completing. A guy walked in and handed a large bag of stuff to the girl working behind the counter said he wanted to sell the games. Took her about 10 minutes to price check everything and said she could give him $4.95 for half of it and the others she couldn’t pay anything for since her system doesn’t have them listed in it. He said I just was looking for $20 , she said she could not give him that. So I spoke up and said I’d happily give you $20 for everything in that bundle. She told me I could not do that in her store. So I said fine I’m going to go and sit on the bench out side. I sit down and start to read a flyer for upcoming games I grabbed on my way out of Babbages.

He put everything back in the bag and walked to the bench where I was sitting. I looked up at him and said $20 for everything in the bag right? He responded back with Yeah that is what I was looking to get. I told him deal and reached to grab my wallet, pulled the money out and handed it to him, shook his hand and said thanks for the games. Looked to the girl working in Babbages and told her thanks for the chance to get a great deal on some games! Started to walk back to work knowing I had just spent my money I was going to use to pay for my lunch. Still was a great deal for the games and I am very, very happy to have them in the collection.


Offworld Interceptor Extreme (Complete) [manual has water damage]
Machine Head (Complete)
Virtua Racing (Complete)
Virtua Fighter 2 (Complete) (Promo)
Tomb Raider (Complete)
Die Hard Arcade (Complete)
Fighting Vipers (Complete)
Nights in to Dreams (Demo)
Virtual Cop (Complete) (Promo)
Shining Force 3 (Complete)
Space hulk (Complete)
World Series Baseball (Disc & Manual only)
Bug! (Disc & Manual only)
Daytona USA (Disc only)
WWF Wrestlemania (Disc only)
Clockwork Knight (Disc only)
Mansion of Hidden Souls (Complete)
Quarterback Attack (Complete)
Fighters Megamix (Disc & Manual only)
Mech Warrior 2 (Complete)
Warcraft II: Dark Saga (Complete)
Street Fighter The Movie The Game (Disc & Manual only)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Disc & Manual only)
Legend of Oasis (Disc & Manual only)

1x Sega Saturn Controller (Original)
2x Sega Saturn Controller (Model 2)
1x Sega Saturn Eclipse Pad Controller
1x RF Video Cable
5x Power Cables (Not Pictured)