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Hauls for Nov 14, 2015

Mail call and pickups for the day
Human Sports Festival (PC Engine CD)
Ranma 1/2 – Datō, Ganso Musabetsu Kakutō-ryū! (PC Engine CD)
Minesweeper (PC Engine CD)
Yawara! (PC Engine CD)
Emerald Dragon (PC Engine CD)
Kagami No Kuni No Legend (PC Engine CD)
Garō Densetsu 2 (PC Engine CD)

Hunter The Reckoning – Wayward (PS2)
Hunter The Reckoning – Redeemer (Xbox)
Alan Wake (X360)
Conan (X360)
Build ‘N Race (Wii)
Speed Racer The Movie (Wii)
Alpha Protocol (PS3)

Patlabor (FDS)
Topple Zip (FDS)
Aspic (FDS)
Biohazard Code: Veronica (Dreamcast)
Snatcher (Saturn)
PachiSlot Aruze Kingdom – Hanabi (NeoGeo Pocket Color)

Spitfire Heroes – Tales of te Royal Air Force (DS)
Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (DS)
Nintendogs – Dachshund & Friends (DS)

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