Got the power cable for the ZX Spectrum system


Crash Presents Magazine Tapes
September 1989 (Rockman,Temple of Vran, Super Sleuth, Spectre of Bagdad)
May 1991 (Dark Star, Tour de Force, Butch Hard Guy, Countdown to the Death, Heroquest, Pokemania)

Sinclair User Magazine Tapes
Six of the Best 4 (Gazza 2*Dan*Wizard,GUtz*Bedlam*Capt.Poke)

Your Sinclair Magazine Tapes
Issue 82 (Wriggler, The Anttilis Mission, Speedload, Mental Block, Z-Man, Sam Light Cycle, Pokerama)
Sinclair Four Pack No4 (Marsport, Ninja Hamster, Wizard’s Lair, Moonlight madness)
Christmas Collection (Hydrofol, Quazatron, Chubby Gristle, The Hunt For Red October, Gazza 2)