GameStop District Leader contacted me

So tonight the district leader for my local gamestop store decided to email me, this is his full email.

James –

Good afternoon. My name is Heath, I am the district leader for the GameStop in Battle Creek. Thank you for taking our survey and sharing your concerns with our store in Battle Creek. I understand you have had a few instances where you have asked for merchandise only to find out the store didn’t have the merchandise on hand. First, I apologize, we strive to provide great guest service and sometimes we miss the mark. Second, what kind of merchandise are you generally looking to see if the store has on hand? Are you still looking for something in particular? I look forward to hearing back from you.


So I took the time to respond to him just using a few of the examples I have notes still of, this was the email I attempted to send him

Greetings Heath,
I have had some many issues with the Battle Creek store that I stopped shopping any gamestop store for 6 months, I started to shop at the kalamazoo store on west main and enjoyed the store quiet a lot but was only going there when I was in the area. I attempted to shop the battle creek store again and encountered issues again. Since then I have giving up completely on your company and have even cut up my powerup rewards card and started to flag all the advertisement emails as spam so I no longer will see them.

Here is a quick writeup of the most recent few issues from the battle creek store.

Feb 6, 2016:
using the website I placed some skylanders on hold and went to pick them up in the morning, the “new” figures was all opened and had been retaped closed. I ask about this and just am told them didn’t tape them so not sure what happened.

Jan 20, 2017:
I come in to the store and talk to Ben about the Wii U kiosk, he tells me that it will be reused for the nintendo switch system. I tell him okay if they decide to not reused it I would be very interested in having it.

Jan 23, 2017:
I come into the store and talk to the same manager again and was told they will be throwing the kiosk out and taking the tv off to reuse in store for testing system trade ins etc. I tell them that is fine and I would still like the kiosk, he tells me that when they do get rid of it it will be sitting out back and that I could just come and grab it.

Feb 14, 2017:
I go to a Kalamazoo gamestop and they still have the kiosk and got confirmation that my local GameStop store lied to me once again. They have a list of people who want the Wii U Kiosk and if they are told to remove the Kiosk it will go to one of the people on the list. I go to my local gamestop and am told by the same manager they are throwing it out in the trash and if I go in the back to get it it will be considered criminal tresspass and they would call the police.

Nov 22, 2017:
Called them about the steamlink, Steve says they have one and checks the price sees that its $4.99 says that can not be right price I said if its 5 bucks then yup its correct. Ask Steve to hold it and tell him my name. I will be in before closing to get it, and ask him what time they close Steve says 9pm. So 530pm I show up to buy it and Ben (same guy i have had problems with in the past) behind the counter I say i have a steamlink on hold for me and Ben says he just sold the last one couple minutes ago.
I tell him that is the last time this store screws me over on stuff, I’m done. Came home called the store to get the district manager info and am told that it will just come back to Ben and he will have to deal with it anyway.

Nov 22, 2017:
I call the corporate number about this, am on hold waiting for someone for 97 minutes without anyone answering before I give up.

Nov 24, 2017:
I call the corporate number about this, am on hold waiting for someone for 65 minutes without anyone answering before I give up.

Nov 25, 2017:
I call the corporate number about this, am on hold waiting for someone for 92 minutes before someone answers the phone and I tell them about my issues, am told that I will receive a phone call back from a suppervisor within 24-48 hours. Which never happened.

Dec 3, 2017 (think):
I call the corporate number about this, am on hold waiting for someone for 75 minutes without anyone answering before I give up.

Dec 7, 2017:
I call the corporate number about this, am on hold waiting for someone for around 45 minutes speak with a woman about it and she says will have a supervisor come to the phone asap and puts me on hold. I hold for 30ish minutes and she comes back tot he phone and says the supervisor is on the way can I hold for another 5 minutes. I tell her sure, about 10 minutes later she comes back and asks for a call back number so I don’t need to wait on hold. About 20 minutes later she calls back to say she is still waiting for a supervisor and that she will call me back once a supervisor is in front of her. I never got the call back.

Dec 18, 2017:
I call the corporate number about this, am on hold waiting for around 40 minutes and get to speak with someone that actually seemed to care for once, and am told I will hear back from someone within 24-48 hours (heard this before so did not expect it to happen) but told him that I appreciate the help he has helped with.

I grew up buying stuff from Babbage’s starting way back in like 1988, I bought my SNES, Genesis, I pre-ordered my Dreamcast from your company over the years, I still have my pre-order stuff and slip from Metal Gear Solid on Playstation 1, etc. In my eyes this company has become the Flint, Michigan or Benton Harbor, Michigan of gaming stores.
I have stopped even browsing the website or advertisements on deals etc because even if I find good deals I know it will not be worth my time in even trying to get anything. Instead I have been going to more and more independently owned stores or online with Amazon, etc and having a completely different experience with employees that actually are helpful and not just pushing a magazine or the newest Call of Duty/Battlefield. So you can be sure that not a single penny of my money will be spent at a GameStop/ThinkGeek or anything else that your company ends up buying.

Sincerely a former customer of 29 years,


But the email server for gamestop is rejecting my emails and I am getting this message about 1 minute later

Your access to this mail system has been rejected due to the sending MTA’s poor reputation. If you believe that this failure is in error, please contact the intended recipient via alternate means.

checked with my webhosting company and the address is not in any blacklists so no idea.