finished with Hauppauge capture devices

okay I absolutely give up on any Hauppauge devices. I have the HDPVR2 model with TOSlink and have been having serious problems with the device and Hauppauge has not responded to any tech support via email or phone. I have been trying to give them a chance on fixing my issues but seems they do not care and are just happy they got my money for the device.

The issues I am having
HDPVR2 locks up and has to be unplugged to get working
recordings desync at random times
uses non standard header info on recordings so some editing apps do not like the video.
when recording in what should be 5.1 audio it sometimes does record in 5.1 but then other times is missing sections of the audio.

I have been trying to get them to help since aug 21st of 2014 and the last reply I ever got from Hauppauge was Jan 13 2015. I have tried at least 50 times from about sept 1st 2014 until now and just give up.

What would be the best capture device to purchase to get away from this junk I have been dealing with? I keep hearing that the Elgato products are the most used and would like opinions on them. I do have the xrgb mini frameister so I will use that for analog inputs.