Finally ordered the Live streaming Gear

finally got some great news, I was finally able to order the gear I needed for doing my livestreams. I am going to try and use the old desktop computer as my capture/stream PC but I am not sure how well that will work out. My next purchases will be a new video camera, some lights, and parts for a gaming PC!

Hardware Bought
Alesis MultiMix 4 USB Audio Mixer

Gear One Accessories Pack

Hamilton Desktop Mic Stand

Livewire 15ft XLR Mic cables (Lifetime Warranty) (x2)

1/4″ Phono to Mono RCA Composite Adapter (Audio from consoles) (x2 Packs)

Nady SPC-15 Condenser Microphone 2 pack

If everything goes well and gets here by friday like I was told, I expect to attempt my first livestream on sunday. It will be a day of random testing my hardware and setup.