Fairchild Channel F

I used to own one of these back around 1992. I still have one of the controllers, but the console was sold in a garage sale around 1995. Since I no longer have access to the console I will try to remember everything as acurate as I can, but since it has been over 19+ years (I do not know the exact date I got the system, or when we had the garage sale) please excuse if I leave anything out or get some information wrong. Now on to the console details



Fairchild Channel F
Fairchild Channel F


Fairchild Channel F


Fairchild Semiconductor

Launch prices

US$169.95 (equivalent to $704.00 in 2015)

Release date

US August 1976



Top-selling games


Backward compatibility


Accessories (retail)



Fairchild F8
1.79 MHz (PAL 2.00MHz)


64 bytes main RAM
2 kB video RAM (2×128×64


Resolution: 102×58 to 128×64 pixels visible
(128×64 framebuffer)[8]
Colors: 8 colors, maximum of 4 per


Mono audio with:
500Hz, 1kHz, and 1.5kHz tones
(can be modulated quickly to produce different tones)

The Fairchild Channel F has a black casing with a woodgrain decals on the case. The game cartridges are a Yellow colour and are labeled as different channels or stations. They released a total of 26 commercial games, and 2 games built into the system. Fairchild also created 2 Democarts which was used in stores to demostrate how the consoles worked. It also looks to me that these cartridges could be used a test carts to make sure each input on the controllers are in working condition or not.

During the Retrogathering 2008 (September 27, 2008) in Alvik, Stockholm. Atariage user e5frog auctioned off a homebrew cartridge of a Pac-Man game he created for the system using Videocart-27 Pac-Man as the label. Which I think is still the only homebrew game for the system to actually get put into a cartridge.