Ethics Policy

Do not expect me to have a review of an item with 24 hours of getting it. I prefer to actually use the item for a length of time to be able to fully review it and not just give a 30 second use and then share thoughts. I do not work that way!

These are the terms that I will agree with for doing promotional reviews of games for companies. I will NOT accept any contracts for any games that restricts or will not allow me to honestly share my thoughts about any game.

Examples of contracts I will NEVER agree to in any way.

Machinima/XboxOne Scandal | Archive Link
Shadows of Mordor Scandal | Archive Link
Kane and Lynch Scandal | Archive Link

If you attempt to send me any contracts that are similar in any aspect to those, expect the full contract to be posted to social media, youtube, my website, and any other place that I think will be appropriate.

Companies doing stuff like those are balancing on the edge of major corruption. Which I am STRONGELY against!

When I make a review of a game, when I release the either the video review or the written review the current state of the game will be noted in it. If the game is later patched and issues are fixed then I will try to update the review and note any of the changes in the patch. I honestly think companies are too quick to release games because of greed, look at what happened with Battlefield 4.

If you would like me to review your game, and you have not lost your mind on censorship of reviews. I would be happy to do the review. I will NOT provide an advance copy of a script or a private link for the video so you can clear it with a PR (Public Relations) company. If you are confused as to why, please re-read this page and all linked pages again until you understand.

Here are a full list of companies and what games I have been offered contracts on.

By offering me a review copy of the game, You are accepting these terms. I understand this will also limit chances I will get review copies of games. I am totally okay with this. Because I will only be 100% transparent about anytime I am being paid to do reviews. If you will NOT allow for transparent reviews then you acknowledge your game is shitty and you know it.


Game Name Company Date System Status