Do not buy from

So since I was getting into old pinball machines and wanted to start off with the old EM (Electro Machanical) machine since those was the type that was originally designed for pinball machines. I found a video series called “This Old Pinball” and they had the videos on youtube and also sold DVD copies of them with bonus content. Being that I am always looking to support people who take the time to repair things I wanted to buy them so they may make more of them in the future.


As you can see in the screenshot from the page listing they charge $9 per video, they also list $0.50 extra if you are paying for them via paypal.

These are the DVDs I was mailed by the seller

They stuck stickers on 8 of the discs, and a stamp was used on the final disc. I attempted to remove the sticker from volume 7 thinking maybe the sticker was throwing the weight of the disc off and making it harder for the laser to read. Nope did not make a difference.

I contacted the seller

Hello, I was wondering what it would cost me to get a replacement of DVD7? the one I have now seems to have read errors on my bluray player and pc. I bought these I would say back in 2009 or so.

and the response back from them was

They are 9.50 each

So they are expecting me to pay full price again for a video I already bought from them. So i sent a reply back with the following

So you are saying I have to pay full price again for a DVD you sold me that has gone bad? I honestly think you mailed me a disc you never did verification on when burning it. Yeah not paying full price for it, I’ll just look for someone to make me a copy of it since I have already paid you once for them.

I am willing to bet they just burned the disc without using the “verify” option. For anyone that has recorded discs before will know that the option for verify will compare the contents on the disc to the file(s) on the computer to make sure they match. If they do not the disc will fail verification and is a bad recording. So I was mailed out a bad disc and am being told I have to buy it again at full price.

Avoid the seller at all costs.

Update 1: I have spent some time trying to copy the DVD discs to the computer and write them to new discs. The only disc I had problems with was disc #7, I have not had a chance to watch them all yet to make sure they are all working copies yet, that is something I plan to work on in the next few days to make sure. This has been a learning lesson for me, anytime you buy something on recordable media such as DVD-R DVD+R etc you should always try to rip the contents to your computer to do the following

A: Test that each disc is fully working, since making a copy also tests any hidden content.
B: Make a backup copy in case your original purchase becomes non-readable anymore.

Update 2: Testing volume 7 in a DVD player video keeps freezing and jumping ahead. IMGBurn and DVDShrink both fail at 4% of reading the disc.

Update 3: I contacted Tim Arnold who was the person who I was told originally burned the discs and he is sending a replacement. So definitely do not deal with the PINREPAIR guys and instead deal with Tim direct.

Update 4: Feb 25, 2017 Still no replacement disc has been sent and I have now attempted to contact Tim Arnold via email three times.