Video Buddy Interactive System

I currently own 13 of 19 Games released for the system. A 68.42% of the complete collection released.

Hardware Owned:
Video Buddy Interactive System (12 Game Bonus Bundle) [NEW]


Dino Babies: The Princess and the Pauper/Big Blanket Bedtime Store
Introducing Video Buddy: Let’s Play Video Buddy
Muppet Babies: Scooter’s Hidden Talent
Muppet Babies: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?
Muppet Babies: What’s new at the Zoo?
Once Upon a Tree: Can’t Wait to Paint
Once Upon a Tree: What If the Dinosaurs Came Back?
Paddington Bear: Paddington Blasts Off/Howdy Paddington
Salty’s Lighthouse: Let’s Wing It/Taking My Turn
Salty’s Lighthouse: Who Took My Crayons?/Guilty Gull
The Big Comfy Couch: Let’s try Sharing
The Big Comfy Couch: My Best Friend
The Big Comfy Couch: Sticks and Stones

Dino Babies: Dak and the Beanstalk/Robbing Hood
Dino Babies: Goldisocks and the Three Dinobears/Alice in Wonderfulland
Once Upon a Tree: The Carrot Caper
Paddington Bear: Paddington’s Big Beach Adventure/Paddington Goes Fishing
Paddington Bear: Paddington Turns Detective/Mr. Gruber’s Myster Tour
Salty’s Lighthouse: Blackout/High Spirits