Call of Duty Infinite Warfare & Modern Warfare Remastered

So I just found out that a new Call of Duty was announced (yeah you know the yearly release of the game) this one is called COD: Infinite Warfare. They are moving the war into space. Look at the history of properties that do that in the movies. Once the series moves into space theme usually is the death of the series.

Hellraiser 4: Bloodlines
Leprechaun 4: In Space
Dracula 3000
Jason X (Friday the 13th Part 10)

Most of those are considered to be the worst movies in the series. I think Activision also knows that the new COD game will be bad and have decided a way to save the sales for the series. They have also remastered the old COD: Modern Warfare game and restricted the sales of the remastered game to be only bundled with the COD: Infinite Warfare game. So you are being suckered into buying the new game just for the privilege of getting the remastered game.

Here are the versions of the bundles and what they include:

Here’s what each of those three versions costs and includes:

Legacy Edition/Digital Legacy Edition: Contains both the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for $80

Digital Deluxe Edition: Includes the Legacy bundle but also comes with the season pass for $100

Legacy Pro Edition: Includes the Deluxe bundle but also comes with a collectible steelbook, game soundtrack, and bonus digital only items for $120. This one is a GameStop exclusive item only.

Personally for myself I do not care about the Call of Duty series at all so I could care less about if they keep making them or not. But knowing your fans of the series love one game and want to have a remastered version of it and you make it so the only way you could get that game is by buying the new game is a very shitty way to treat your customers. You could have done a digitally only release of the game for $20 and most likely made more profit. Since a standard game release is $60 and your least expensive bundle to get the game is $80. That is exactly what you are charging for it anyway.