Things I boycott and will not spend money on. The lists will always be in alphbetical order, if a company or game is listed here then I will also try to list the reasons with them.

Companies I am boycotting
343 Industries [All I have to say is “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” releases a game for holiday 2014 and even into FEBRUARY 2015 they are issuing BETA patches why the fuck was these not done back before the release date?]

Activision [commonly tries to force users from publicly showing glitches in games, instead of using that to know what needs fixing]

Atari [Sueing Jeff Minter]

Bethesda [fuck you guys plain and simple, I’ll either pickup your games used or never play them. ]

Campo Santo [Gives public permission to stream and monetize their games, files DMCA notice against Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (PewDiePie) for using the game in his videos. This type of thing is despicable and should be boycotted by everyone.]

Double Fine Productions [See Tim Schafer information below.]

EA (Electronic Arts) [constantly releases broken games that need constant online patches to fix problems that should have been fixed before the game was released in stores for people to buy.]

Giant Spacekat [Way too much to list in this space.]

IGN [They commonly list incorrect information in the gaming guides they publish, flip-flop on what side they are pushing]

Kickstarter [They hired a seriously racist community manager, I will not be posting any campaigns on the site.]

THQ [Right near the end of the company they started to get money hungry and was forcing the used game online pass bullshit. Where you would have to pay extra to play the game. Sad the company closed after all those years, but now a new company bought most of the rights for the games I loved.]

Turtle Rock Studios [Charges you $60 for a retail copy of the game (EVOLVE) charges $25 for the season pass which should give you everything released for it for the year. But not these crooks they have $130 worth of extra stuff NOT INCLUDED IN THE SEASON PASS, I just what to give a huge FUCK YOU to all the assclowns at Turtle Rock Studios that thought this was legal.]

Ubisoft [read above Activision + EA = Ubisoft]

Conventions I am boycotting
Fan Expo Canada & Calgary Expo [Women asking questions of feminists at the convention, and then was kicked out after people seen GamerGate symbols. I will remember this for when a project gets finished]

SXSW [They support censorship, so never will support that]

Games I am boycotting
Assassin’s Creed Unity
Towerfall Ascension
Towerfall Ascension: Dark World Expansion

People I am boycotting
Brianna Wu [Way too much to list on here, but to try and sum it up. unstable, thinks everything is attacking her, you can not offer any critique or your mansplaining to her.]

Corey Cole [I grew up playing many of the great games created at Sierra (I even still own a few of my actual games from childhood) from a few posts on various facebook pages he seems to be quick to jump to conclusions about people and the intentions that they have. Also seems to be willing to slander people.

Felicia Day [I was at one time a huge fan of her, I used to subscribe to all her channels, would watch “The Guild” every time a new episode aired, and even disable the adblockers. But once she came out against GamerGate and said it was just a hate group that targeted women I was done with her. If she ever apologies for the comments I would be willing to forgive her.]

Ian Ferguson [See Pat Contri listing]

Joe Santulli [Owner of Digit Press Video Games. Never answers questions, never responds, so he is not worth my time. So I will not be doing any business with his store, museum, or forums.
Update: I had contacted another person who told me Joe had sent him a reply to my question. So he took the time to read my question, decided I didn’t deserve a response, but contacting someone else about my question did? Yeah fuck him and to think of all the time I had spent on his site not any more.]

Joss Whedon [Once had lots of respect for him, lost all respect during the 2014 year]

Michael Cera [Has no talent to display any emotions at all during any movies. Basically the Hulk Hogan of actors in movies]

Pat Contri [Over the years of watching him in AVGN, and then on his own videos. I started to notice things about him on the podcast that I am not sure about. inaround late 2014 early 2015 I started to see more and more from him and Ian that I just could not agree with on. The final one for me is when he started to call out John Lester (gamester81) and saying he knew more about the Retro VGS/Coleco Chameleon then he really did.]

Rami Ismail [honestly made the following comment on twitter “If a dev was a gamer first, they probably wouldn’t be making games. It changes how you approach games so much. Devs choose to dev.” To me that sounds like he only makes games for the money.]

Seth Rogen [No talent actor that I can not stand]

Timothy John Schafer [Openly made fun of minorities & women in the #GamerGate and #NotYourShield communities by making a sockpuppet out of them, Honestly wish I would have never bought any of his games. But I can start doing that now. This is a PERMANENT Boycotting. He was one of the people I would have loved to work with, not anymore.]

Wil Wheaton [Do I even need to explain this one?]

Paul Feig [Instead of taking an already established series of Ghostbusters he decides to reboot the movie and discard the history. Then when fans said why they will not be watching the movie. He calls the assholes. I look forward to the day he no longer is part of hollywood.]

Chris Patton ( [I met him at a convention I was a volunteer at and was made a staff member. Had a great time including spending near 2 solid hours chatting with Chris and his understudy. I added him on facebook and for almost 2 weeks I see him post political crap and i ignore each post and refuse to post on them as I do with clickbait articles. So he posts about watching “X react to” videos for a few hours. I post 1 time about how I am sorry he had to watch those videos I refuse to watch anything they do since they tried to trademark “react video” and was close to getting it. So he deletes my post and then makes a new topic post basically attacking me for taking the time to post once on his wall. So sorry that I ever attempted to reconnect with him again. I will be selling off all my autographs of his. Never want to deal with him again.