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Back on Sept 30th, 2015 I bought 3 5200 controllers& a Jungle Hunt game was included in the auction. On Oct 15th, 2015 I got a small box in the mail. The box had the 3 controllers in it with no padding at all and no game was in it. Contacted the seller three different times and got no response from him. I then requested contact information from ebay and called the number and left voice mail. Less than 20mins later I got an email and a pm on ebay.

Email from seller said

Hi! Sorry about the late shipment. I’m done with eBay so I haven’t seen the messages. I’ll have the game sent out to you today. I’ll give you tracking through here also.

pm on ebay said

Hi sorry for the late shipment. I completely took all my stuff off eBay and switched over to other sites. I’ll have the item shipped out today and I’ll give you tracking information today as well.

I have never been given the new tracking number and still have not gotten the game in the mail. Tonight I called ebay for help and was told I selected the wrong option and they was closing the case.

About 20mins ago I got a msg from ebay

eBay Customer Support has reviewed the case and made a final decision. We’ve considered the case carefully and decided not to issue you a refund. We’re sorry this didn’t work out.

This case has been decided in the seller’s favor.

You originally opened the case stating that you didn’t receive the item. This case has now been changed to a case for an item that doesn’t match the seller’s description.