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System Launch Titles

These are a list of all titles that was released with the new console/Hand Held systems on launch day.

GenerationSystemRegionDateGame Name
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Air-Sea Battle
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Basic Math
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Blackjack
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Combat
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Indy 500
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Star Ship
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Street Racer
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Surround
2ndAtari 2600USA09/11/77Video Olympics
2ndAtari 5200USA11/00/1982Galaxian
2ndAtari 5200USA11/00/1982Pac-Man
2ndAtari 5200USA11/00/1982Space Invaders
2ndAtari 5200USA11/00/1982Super Breakout
2ndBally AstrocadeUSA1977Checkmate
2ndBally AstrocadeUSA1977Gun Fight
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Cosmic Avenger
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Donkey Kong
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Ken Uston's Blackjack/Poker
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Lady Bug
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Mouse Trap
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Space Fury
2ndColecoVisionUSA08/00/1982Space Panic
2ndIntellivisionUSA1979ABPA Backgammon
2ndIntellivisionUSA1979Armor Battle
2ndIntellivisionUSA1979Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack
2ndIntellivisionUSA1979The Electric Company Math Fun
2ndMicrovisionUSA1979Block Buster
2ndMicrovisionUSA1979Connect Four
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Asteroids
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Centipede
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Desert Falcon
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Dig Dug
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Food Fight
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Galaga
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Joust
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Ms. Pac-Man
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Pole Position II
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Robotron: 2084
3rdAtari 7800USA01/00/1986Xevious
3rdNintendo FamicomJapan07/15/83Donkey Kong
3rdNintendo FamicomJapan07/15/83Donkey Kong Jr.
3rdNintendo FamicomJapan07/15/83Popeye
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86Baseball
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86Golf
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86Mahjong
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86Soccer
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86Super Mario Bros.
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86Tennis
3rdNintendo Famicom DiskJapan02/21/86The Legend of Zelda
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/8610-Yard Fight
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Excitebike
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Ice Climber
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Mario Bros.
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Pinball
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Popeye
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Stack-Up
3rdNintendo NESEuropean09/01/86Tennis
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/8510-Yard Fight
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Baseball
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Clu Clu Land
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Duck Hunt
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Excitebike
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Golf
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Gyromite
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Hogan's Alley
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Ice Climber
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Kung-Fu
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Pinball
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Soccer
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Stack-Up
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Super Mario Bros.
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Tennis
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Wild Gunman
3rdNintendo NESUSA10/18/85Wrecking Crew
3rdSega Mark 3Japan10/20/85Hang-On (My Card)
3rdSega Mark 3Japan10/20/85Teddy Boy Blues (My Card)
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986Action Fighter
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986Black Belt
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986Choplifter
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986Fantasy Zone
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986Hang-On (Sega Card)
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986Transbot (Sega Card)
3rdSega Master SystemEuropeanLate 1986World Grand Prix
3rdSega Master SystemUSA06/00/1985Hang-On
3rdSega Master SystemUSA06/00/1985Safari Hunt
3rdSega SG-1000Japan07/15/83Borderline
4thAtari LynxUSA10/00/1989Blue Lightning
4thAtari LynxUSA10/00/1989California Games
4thAtari LynxUSA10/00/1989ElectroCop
4thAtari LynxUSA10/00/1989Gates of Zendocon
4thNEC PC EngineJapan10/30/87Bikkuriman World
4thNEC PC EngineJapan10/30/87Shanghai
4thNEC PC Engine CDJapan12/04/88Fighting Street
4thNEC PC Engine CDJapan12/04/88No-Ri-Ko
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89Alien Crush
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89China Warrior
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89Dungeon Explorer
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89Keith Courage in Alpha Zones
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89Power Golf
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89R-Type
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89The Legendary Axe
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89Victory Run
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16USA08/19/89Vigilante (video game)
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16 CDUSA08/01/90Fighting Street
4thNEC Turbo Grafx-16 CDUSA08/01/90Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair
4thNintendo Game BoyEuropean09/28/90Alleyway
4thNintendo Game BoyEuropean09/28/90Super Mario Land
4thNintendo Game BoyEuropean09/28/90Tetris
4thNintendo Game BoyJapan04/21/89Alleyway
4thNintendo Game BoyJapan04/21/89Baseball
4thNintendo Game BoyJapan04/21/89Super Mario Land
4thNintendo Game BoyJapan04/21/89Yakuman
4thNintendo Game BoyUSA07/31/89Alleyway
4thNintendo Game BoyUSA07/31/89Baseball
4thNintendo Game BoyUSA07/31/89Super Mario Land
4thNintendo Game BoyUSA07/31/89Tennis
4thNintendo Game BoyUSA07/31/89Tetris
4thNintendo Super FamicomJapan10/21/90F-Zero
4thNintendo Super FamicomJapan10/21/90Super Mario World
4thNintendo Super NESEuropean04/11/92F-Zero
4thNintendo Super NESEuropean04/11/92Super Mario World
4thNintendo Super NESEuropean04/11/92Super Tennis
4thNintendo Super NESUSA08/19/91F-Zero
4thNintendo Super NESUSA08/19/91Gradius III
4thNintendo Super NESUSA08/19/91Pilotwings
4thNintendo Super NESUSA08/19/91SimCity
4thNintendo Super NESUSA08/19/91Super Mario World
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Battleship
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Beauty and the Beast
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Caesar's World of Boxing
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Connect Four
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Dark Castle
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Defender of the Crown
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91International release: December 3, 1991
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Pac-Panic
4thPhilips CD-iInternational12/03/91Sargon Chess
4thSega 32XEuropean10/14/94Doom
4thSega 32XEuropean10/14/94Star Wars Arcade
4thSega 32XJapan12/03/94Doom
4thSega 32XJapan12/03/94Space Harrier
4thSega 32XJapan12/03/94Star Wars Arcade
4thSega 32XUSA10/21/94Doom
4thSega 32XUSA10/21/94Star Wars Arcade
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Black Hole Assault
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Chuck Rock
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Cobra Command
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92INXS: Make My Video
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Marky Mark: Make My Video
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Night Trap
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Sega Classics 4-in-1
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Sewer Shark
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
4thSega CDUSA10/15/92Sol-Feace
4thSega Game GearEuropean04/26/91Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
4thSega Game GearEuropean04/26/91Columns
4thSega Game GearEuropean04/26/91Super Monaco GP
4thSega Game GearJapan10/06/90Columns
4thSega Game GearJapan10/06/90Pengo
4thSega Game GearJapan10/06/90Super Monaco GP
4thSega Game GearUSA04/26/91Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
4thSega Game GearUSA04/26/91Columns
4thSega Game GearUSA04/26/91G-LOC: Air Battle
4thSega Game GearUSA04/26/91Psychic World
4thSega Game GearUSA04/26/91Revenge of Drancon
4thSega Game GearUSA04/26/91Super Monaco GP
4thSega GenesisUSA08/14/89Altered Beast
4thSega GenesisUSA08/14/89Last Battle
4thSega GenesisUSA08/14/89Space Harrier II
4thSega GenesisUSA08/14/89Super Thunder Blade
4thSega GenesisUSA08/14/89Thunder Force II
4thSega GenesisUSA08/14/89Tommy Lasorda Baseball
4thSega Mega CDEuropean04/19/93After Burner III
4thSega Mega CDEuropean04/19/93Cobra Command
4thSega Mega CDEuropean04/19/93Road Avenger
4thSega Mega CDEuropean04/19/93Sega Classics Arcade Collection
4thSega Mega CDEuropean04/19/93Sol-Feace
4thSega Mega CDJapan12/12/91Heavy Nova
4thSega Mega CDJapan12/12/91Sol-Feace
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Altered Beast
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Columns
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Golden Axe
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Space Harrier II
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Super Thunder Blade
4thSega Mega DriveEuropean10/30/90Thunder Force II
4thSega Mega DriveJapan10/29/88Space Harrier II
4thSega Mega DriveJapan10/29/88Super Thunder Blade
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91Alpha Mission II
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91Baseball Stars Professional
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91Cyber-Lip
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91Ghost Pilots
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91King of the Monsters
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91League Bowling
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91Magician Lord
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91NAM-1975
4thSNK Neo Geo AESUSA06/18/91Ninja Combat
5th3DOJapan03/00/1994Fire Ball!! (titled Real Pinball in North America and Europe)
5th3DOJapan03/00/1994Pebble Beach Golf Links
5th3DOJapan03/00/1994The Life Stage: Virtual House
5th3DOJapan03/00/1994Ultraman Powered
5th3DOJapan03/00/1994Wacky Races
5th3DOJapan03/00/1994Yamamura Misa Suspense: Kyoto Kurama Sansou Satsujin Jiken
5th3DOUSA10/04/93Crash 'N Burn
5thAtari JaguarEuropean1994Cybermorph
5thAtari JaguarEuropean1994Evolution: Dino Dudes
5thAtari JaguarEuropean1994Raiden
5thAtari JaguarEuropean1994Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Alien vs. Predator
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Cybermorph
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Doom
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Evolution: Dino Dudes
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Raiden
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy
5thAtari JaguarJapan11/21/94Wolfenstein 3D
5thAtari JaguarUSA11/15/93Cybermorph
5thAtari JaguarUSA11/15/93Evolution: Dino Dudes
5thAtari JaguarUSA11/15/93Raiden
5thAtari JaguarUSA11/15/93Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95Baldies
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95BattleMorph
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95Blue Lightning
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95Highlander
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95Myst
5thAtari Jaguar CDUSA09/21/95Vid Grid
5thBandai PlaydiaJapan09/23/94Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Quiz Taiketsu! Sailor Power Shūketsu!!
5thBandai PlaydiaJapan09/23/94Dragon Ball Z - Suupaa Saiyajin Zetsumetsu Keikaku Chikyū Hen
5thBandai PlaydiaJapan09/23/94SD Gundam Daizukan
5thBandai WonderswanJapan03/04/99Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon for WonderSwan
5thBandai WonderswanJapan03/04/99Densha de Go!
5thBandai WonderswanJapan03/04/99Digimon Adventure: Anode/Cathode Tamer
5thBandai WonderswanJapan03/04/99Gunpey
5thBandai WonderswanJapan03/04/99Rockman & Forte Mirai kara no Chōsensha
5thBandai Wonderswan ColorJapan12/09/00Digimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers
5thBandai Wonderswan ColorJapan12/09/00Final Fantasy II
5thBandai Wonderswan ColorJapan12/09/00Japanese launch: December 9, 2000
5thBandai Wonderswan ColorJapan12/09/00Rhyme Rider Kerorican
5thNintendo 64European03/01/97FIFA Soccer 64
5thNintendo 64European03/01/97Pilotwings 64
5thNintendo 64European03/01/97Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
5thNintendo 64European03/01/97Super Mario 64
5thNintendo 64European03/01/97Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
5thNintendo 64European03/01/97Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey
5thNintendo 64Japan06/23/96Pilotwings 64
5thNintendo 64Japan06/23/96Saikyō Habu Shōgi
5thNintendo 64Japan06/23/96Super Mario 64
5thNintendo 64USA09/29/96Pilotwings 64
5thNintendo 64USA09/29/96Super Mario 64
5thNintendo 64DDJapan12/11/99Kyojin no Doshin 1
5thNintendo 64DDJapan12/11/99Mario Artist: Paint Studio
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorEuropean11/23/98Frogger
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorEuropean11/23/98Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorJapan10/21/98Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry no Wonderland (released a month before the system launched)
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorJapan10/21/98Glocal Hexcite
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorJapan10/21/98Tetris DX
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorJapan10/21/98Wario Land II
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorUSA11/18/98Centipede
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorUSA11/18/98Game & Watch Gallery 2
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorUSA11/18/98Pocket Bomberman
5thNintendo Game Boy ColorUSA11/18/98Tetris DX
5thNintendo Virtual BoyJapan07/21/95Galactic Pinball
5thNintendo Virtual BoyJapan07/21/95Mario's Tennis
5thNintendo Virtual BoyJapan07/21/95Red Alarm
5thNintendo Virtual BoyJapan07/21/95Teleroboxer
5thNintendo Virtual BoyJapan07/21/95Tobidase! Panibomb
5thNintendo Virtual BoyUSA08/14/95Galactic Pinball
5thNintendo Virtual BoyUSA08/14/95Mario's Tennis
5thNintendo Virtual BoyUSA08/14/95Red Alarm
5thNintendo Virtual BoyUSA08/14/95Teleroboxer
5thSega SaturnEuropean07/08/95Clockwork Knight
5thSega SaturnEuropean07/08/95Daytona USA
5thSega SaturnEuropean07/08/95Virtua Fighter
5thSega SaturnJapan11/22/94Mahjong Goku Tenjiku
5thSega SaturnJapan11/22/94TAMA
5thSega SaturnJapan11/22/94Virtua Fighter
5thSega SaturnJapan11/22/94Wan Chai Connection
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95Bug!
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95Clockwork Knight
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95Daytona USA
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95NHL All-Star Hockey
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95Panzer Dragoon
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95Virtua Fighter
5thSega SaturnUSA05/11/95Worldwide Soccer: Sega International Victory Goal Edition
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Baseball Stars
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Biomotor Unitron
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Fatal Fury: First Contact
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99King of Fighters R-2
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Neo Cherry Master Color
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Neo Dragon's Wild
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Neo Geo Cup '98
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Neo Mystery Bonus
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Neo Turf Masters
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Pac-Man
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Pocket Tennis Color
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorEuropean10/01/99Samurai Shodown!
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Baseball Stars
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99King of Fighters R-1
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Melon-chan's Growth Diary
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Neo Cherry Master
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99NeoGeo Cup '98
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Pocket Tennis
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Puzzle Tsunagete Pon
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Samurai Shodown!
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorJapan03/16/99Shogi no Tatsujin
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Baseball Stars Color
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Bio Motor Unitron
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Bust-A-Move Pocket
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Crush Roller
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Fatal Fury: First Contact
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99King of Fighters R-2
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Neo Cherry Master Color
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Neo Dragon's Wild
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Neo Mystery Bonus
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Neo Turf Masters
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Pac-Man
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Pocket Tennis Color
5thSNK Neo Geo Pocket ColorUSA08/06/99Samurai Shodown! 2
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/953D Lemmings
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Battle Arena Toshinden
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Jumping Flash!
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Kileak: The Blood
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Novastorm
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Rapid Reload
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Ridge Racer
5thSony Playstation 1European09/29/95Wipeout
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94A. IV Evolution
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94Crime Crackers
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94Gokujō Parodius Da! Deluxe Pack
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94Mahjong Goku Sky: Atsushi
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94Mahjong Station Mazin
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94Nekketsu Oyako
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94Ridge Racer
5thSony Playstation 1Japan12/03/94TAMA
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Battle Arena Toshinden
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95ESPN Extreme Games
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Kileak: The DNA Imperative
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95NBA Jam Tournament Edition
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Power Serve 3D Tennis
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Rayman
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Ridge Racer
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Street Fighter: The Movie
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95The Raiden Project
5thSony Playstation 1USA09/09/95Total Eclipse Turbo
5thTiger Game ComUSA1997Batman & Robin
5thTiger Game ComUSA1997Lights Out
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Batman: Vengeance
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Blood Wake
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Dead or Alive 3
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Fuzion Frenzy
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Halo: Combat Evolved
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Jet Set Radio Future
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Mad Dash Racing
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Max Payne
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02NBA Live 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02NHL 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02NHL Hitz 20-02
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Project Gotham Racing
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Rallisport Challenge
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02TransWorld Surf
6thMicrosoft XboxEuropean03/14/02Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02AirForce Delta Storm
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Dead or Alive 3
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02ESPN International Winter Sports 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Genma Onimusha
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Jet Set Radio Future
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Nobunaga no Yabou: Ranseiki
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Project Gotham Racing
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Sneakers
6thMicrosoft XboxJapan02/22/02Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/014x4 EVO 2
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01AirForce Delta Storm
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Arctic Thunder
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Cel Damage
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Dark Summit
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Dead or Alive 3
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Fuzion Frenzy
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Halo: Combat Evolved
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Mad Dash Racing
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Madden NFL 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01NASCAR Heat 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01NASCAR Thunder 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01NFL Fever 2002
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01NHL Hitz 20-02
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Project Gotham Racing
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Shrek
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x
6thMicrosoft XboxUSA11/15/01TransWorld Surf
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Army Men Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Fire Pro Wrestling
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01GT Advance Championship Racing
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Konami Krazy Racers
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Kuru Kuru Kururin
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Rayman Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Super Mario Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Top Gear GT Championship
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Total Soccer Manager
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceEuropean06/22/01Tweety & The Magic Gems
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Boku wa Koukuu Kanseikan
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01ChuChu Rocket!
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01ESPN Final Round Golf 2002
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01EZ-Talk Shokyuuhen 1-6 Kan Set
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Fire Pro Wrestling
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01GT Advance Championship Racing
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01J. League Pocket
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Konami Krazy Racers
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Kuru Kuru Kururin
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Mega Man Battle Network
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Momotaru Matsuri
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Monster Guardians
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Mr. Driller 2
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Napoleon
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Pinobee: Wings of Adventure
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Play Novel: Silent Hill
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Power Pro Kun Pocket 3
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Super Dodge Ball Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Super Mario Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Top Gear GT Championship
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Tweety & The Magic Gems
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Winning Post
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceJapan03/21/01Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Army Men Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01ChuChu Rocket!
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Earthworm Jim
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Fire Pro Wrestling
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01GT Advance Championship Racing
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Iridion 3D
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Konami Krazy Racers
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Namco Museum
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Pinobee: Wings of Adventure
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Rayman Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Super Dodge Ball Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Super Mario Advance
6thNintendo Game Boy AdvanceUSA06/11/01Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/022002 FIFA World Cup
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Batman: Vengeance
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Burnout
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Cel Damage
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Crazy Taxi
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Disney's Tarzan Freeride
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Donald Duck: Quack Attack
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Driven
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02ESPN International Winter Sports 2002
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02International Superstar Soccer 2
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Luigi's Mansion
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Sonic Adventure 2: Battle
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Super Monkey Ball
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02Wave Race: Blue Storm
6thNintendo Game CubeEuropean05/03/02XG3: Extreme G Racing
6thNintendo Game CubeJapan09/14/01Luigi's Mansion
6thNintendo Game CubeJapan09/14/01Super Monkey Ball
6thNintendo Game CubeJapan09/14/01Wave Race: Blue Storm
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01All-Star Baseball 2002
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Batman: Vengeance
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Crazy Taxi
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Disney's Tarzan Untamed
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Luigi's Mansion
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Madden NFL 2002
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01NHL Hitz 20-02
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Super Monkey Ball
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
6thNintendo Game CubeUSA11/18/01Wave Race: Blue Storm
6thNokia N-GageEuropean10/07/03Pandemonium
6thNokia N-GageEuropean10/07/03Puyo Pop
6thNokia N-GageEuropean10/07/03Puzzle Bobble VS
6thNokia N-GageEuropean10/07/03SonicN
6thNokia N-GageEuropean10/07/03Super Monkey Ball
6thNokia N-GageEuropean10/07/03Tomb Raider: Scion
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03Pandemonium
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03Puyo Pop
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03Puzzle Bobble VS
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03SonicN
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03Super Monkey Ball
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03Tomb Raider: Scion
6thNokia N-GageUSA10/07/03Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Blue Stinger
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Dynamite Cop
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Expendable
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Incoming
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Pen Pen TriIcelon
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Sega Bass Fishing
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Sega Rally Championship 2
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Sonic Adventure
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Toy Commander
6thSega DreamcastEuropean10/14/99Virtua Fighter 3tb
6thSega DreamcastJapan11/27/98Godzilla Generations
6thSega DreamcastJapan11/27/98July
6thSega DreamcastJapan11/27/98Pen Pen TriIcelon
6thSega DreamcastJapan11/27/98Virtua Fighter 3tb
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99AeroWings
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99AirForce Delta
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Blue Stinger
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99CART Flag to Flag
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Expendable
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Hydro Thunder
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Monaco Grand Prix
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Mortal Kombat Gold
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99NFL 2K
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99NFL Blitz 2000
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Pen Pen TriIcelon
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Power Stone
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Sonic Adventure
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Soulcalibur
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99The House of the Dead 2
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99Tokyo Xtreme Racer
6thSega DreamcastUSA09/09/99TrickStyle
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Aqua Aqua
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Dynasty Warriors 2
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00FantaVision
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00FIFA 2001
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Gradius III and IV
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00International Superstar Soccer
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00NHL 2001
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Orphen: Scion of Sorcery
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Ridge Racer V
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Silent Scope
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Smuggler's Run
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00SSX
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Tekken Tag Tournament
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00TimeSplitters
6thSony Playstation 2European11/24/00Wild Wild Racing
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000A-Train 6
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Drum Mania
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Eternal Ring
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Kakinoki Shogi IV
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Kessen
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Mahjong Taikai III
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Morita Shogi
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Ridge Racer V
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Stepping Selection
6thSony Playstation 2Japan003/04/2000Street Fighter EX3
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Armored Core 2
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00DOA2: Hardcore
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Dynasty Warriors 2
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00ESPN International Track & Field
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Eternal Ring
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Evergrace
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00FantaVision
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Gungriffon Blaze
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Madden NFL 2001
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Midnight Club: Street Racing
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00NHL 2001
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Orphen: Scion of Sorcery
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Q-Ball: Billiards Master
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Ridge Racer V
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Silent Scope
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Smuggler's Run
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00SSX
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Street Fighter EX3
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Summoner
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Swing Away Golf
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Tekken Tag Tournament
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00TimeSplitters
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Unreal Tournament
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00Wild Wild Racing
6thSony Playstation 2USA10/26/00X-Squad
7thGizmondoEuropean03/19/05Fathammer Classics Pack
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Classic Compendium
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Classic Compendium 2
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Gizmondo Motocross 2005
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Point of Destruction
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Richard Burns Rally
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Sticky Balls
7thGizmondoUSA10/22/05Toy Golf
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Amped 3
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Call of Duty 2
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Condemned
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05GUN
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Kameo: Elements of Power
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Madden NFL 06
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05NBA Live 06
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Need for Speed: Most Wanted
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Perfect Dark Zero
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Peter Jackson's King Kong
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Project Gotham Racing 3
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Quake 4
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360European12/02/05Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360Japan12/10/05Every Party
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360Japan12/10/05FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360Japan12/10/05Need for Speed: Most Wanted
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360Japan12/10/05Perfect Dark Zero
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360Japan12/10/05Ridge Racer 6
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360Japan12/10/05Tetris: The Grand Master Ace
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Amped 3
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Call of Duty 2
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Condemned: Criminal Origins
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05FIFA 06: Road to FIFA World Cup
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05GUN
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Kameo: Elements of Power
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Madden NFL 06
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05NBA 2K6
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05NBA Live 06
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Need for Speed: Most Wanted
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05NHL 2K6
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Perfect Dark Zero
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Project Gotham Racing 3
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Quake 4
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Ridge Racer 6
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360USA11/22/05Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Bankshot Billiards 2
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Bejeweled 2
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Gauntlet
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Hardwood Backgammon
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Hardwood Hearts
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Hexic HD (pre-installed on the hard drive)
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Joust
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Mutant Storm Reloaded
7thMicrosoft Xbox 360 ArcadeInternational00/00/0000Outpost Kaloki X
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Asphalt Urban GT
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Metroid Prime Hunters – First Hunt (Demo)
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Ping Pals
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Pokémon Dash
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Polarium
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Project Rub
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Rayman DS
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Retro Atari Classics
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Robots
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Spider-Man 2
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Sprung! The Dating Game" (Only released in the UK, Netherlands and Scandinavia)
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Super Mario 64 DS
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05The Urbz: Sims in the City
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Tiger Woods PGA Tour
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05WarioWare: Touched!
7thNintendo DSEuropean03/11/05Zoo Keeper
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Chokkan Hitofude
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Cool104 Joker & Setline
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Daigasso! Band Brothers
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Feel the Magic: XY/XX
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Kensyūi "Dokuta Tendo"
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Mahjong Taikai
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Mr. Driller Drill Spirits
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Pokémon Dash
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Sawaru Made in Wario
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Super Mario 64 DS
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04The Urbz: Sims in the City
7thNintendo DSJapan12/02/04Zoo Keeper
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04Asphalt Urban GT
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04Feel the Magic: XY/XX
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04Madden NFL 2005
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04Metroid Prime Hunters – First Hunt (Demo)
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04Spider-Man 2
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04Super Mario 64 DS
7thNintendo DSUSA11/21/04The Urbz: Sims in the City
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Barnyard
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Call of Duty 3
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Cars
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Far Cry Vengeance
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06GT Pro Series
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Happy Feet
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Madden NFL 07
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Monster 4x4: World Circuit
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Need for Speed: Carbon
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Open Season
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Rampage: Total Destruction
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Rayman Raving Rabbids
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Red Steel
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Super Fruit Fall
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Wii Play
7thNintendo WiiEuropean12/08/06Wii Sports (Bundled with the Wii console)
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Crayon Shin-chan: Saikyou Kazoku Kasukabe King Wii
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Elebits
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Ennichi no Tatsujin
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Kororinpa
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Machi-Kuru Domino
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Necro-Nesia
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Rayman Raving Rabbids
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Red Steel
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06SD Gundam: Scad Hammers
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Super Swing Golf
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Tamagotchi: Party On!
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Trauma Center: Second Opinion
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06WarioWare: Smooth Moves
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Wii Play
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Wii Sports
7thNintendo WiiJapan12/02/06Wing Island
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Avatar: The Last Airbender
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Call of Duty 3
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Cars
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Excite Truck
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06GT Pro Series
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Happy Feet
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Madden NFL 07
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Monster 4x4: World Circuit
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Need for Speed: Carbon
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Rampage: Total Destruction
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Rayman Raving Rabbids
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Red Steel
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Trauma Center: Second Opinion
7thNintendo WiiUSA11/19/06Wii Sports (bundled with the Wii console)
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Altered Beast
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Bomberman '93
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Bonk's Adventure
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Donkey Kong
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Donkey Kong Country
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Dungeon Explorer
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Ecco the Dolphin
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06F-Zero
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Golden Axe
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Sonic the Hedgehog
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Super Mario 64
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Super Mario Bros.
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Super Star Soldier
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06The Legend of Zelda
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Victory Run
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleEuropean12/08/06Wario's Woods
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Akumajō Dracula
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Baseball
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Bomberman '94
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Columns
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Donkey Kong
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Donkey Kong Jr.
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Dungeon Explorer
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Ecco the Dolphin
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06F-Zero
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Golden Axe
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Gomoku Narabe Renju
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Gradius
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Gunstar Heroes
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Ice Hockey
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Jaseiken Necromancer
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Jūōki
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06PC Genjin: Pithecanthropus Computerus
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Pinball
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Puyo Puyo
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Ristar the Shooting Star
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Soccer
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Solomon no Kagi
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Sonic the Hedgehog
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Space Harrier II
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Super Mario 64
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Super Mario Bros.
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Super Mario World
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Super Star Soldier
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Takahashi Meijin no Shin Bōken Jima
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Tennis
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06The Hyrule Fantasy: Zelda no Densetsu
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06ToeJam & Earl
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Urban Champion
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Victory Run
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Xevious
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleJapan12/02/06Zelda no Densetsu: Kamigami no Triforce
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Altered Beast
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Donkey Kong
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06F-Zero
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Mario Bros.
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Pinball
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06SimCity
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Soccer
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Solomon's Key
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Sonic the Hedgehog
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Super Mario 64
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06The Legend of Zelda
7thNintendo Wii Virtual ConsoleUSA11/19/06Wario's Woods
7thSony Playstation 3Asian11/11/06Asian launch: November 11, 2006
7thSony Playstation 3Asian11/11/06Genji: Days of the Blade
7thSony Playstation 3Asian11/11/06Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight
7thSony Playstation 3Asian11/11/06Resistance: Fall of Man
7thSony Playstation 3Asian11/11/06Ridge Racer 7
7thSony Playstation 3Asian11/11/06Sega Golf Club
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Call of Duty 3
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Def Jam: Icon
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Enchanted Arms
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Fight Night Round 3
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Formula One Championship Edition
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Full Auto 2: Battlelines
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Genji: Days of the Blade
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07MotorStorm
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07NBA Street Homecourt
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Need for Speed: Carbon
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07NHL 2K7
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Resistance: Fall of Man
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Ridge Racer 7
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Sonic the Hedgehog
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07The Godfather: The Don's Edition
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Tony Hawk's Project 8
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Virtua Fighter 5
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07Virtua Tennis 3
7thSony Playstation 3European & Australian03/23/07World Snooker Championship 2007
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Call of Duty 3
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Genji: Days of the Blade
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Madden NFL 07
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06NBA 07
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06NBA 2K7
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Need for Speed: Carbon
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06NHL 2K7
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Resistance: Fall of Man
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Ridge Racer 7
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Tony Hawk's Project 8
7thSony Playstation 3USA11/17/06Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
7thSony Playstation NetworkEuropean & Australian03/23/07Blast Factor
7thSony Playstation NetworkEuropean & Australian03/23/07flOw
7thSony Playstation NetworkEuropean & Australian03/23/07Gran Turismo HD Concept
7thSony Playstation NetworkEuropean & Australian03/23/07GripShift
7thSony Playstation NetworkEuropean & Australian03/23/07Lemmings
7thSony Playstation NetworkEuropean & Australian03/23/07Tekken Dark Resurrection
7thSony Playstation NetworkUSA11/17/06Blast Factor
7thSony Playstation NetworkUSA11/17/06Cash Guns Chaos
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Ape Academy
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Archer Maclean's Mercury
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Dynasty Warriors
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Everybody's Golf Portable
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05F1 Grand Prix
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Fired Up
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Lumines
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05MediEvil: Resurrection
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Metal Gear Acid
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05NBA Street Showdown
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Need for Speed Underground: Rivals
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05NFL Street 2: Unleashed
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Ridge Racer
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Spider-Man 2
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05TOCA Race Driver 2: The Ultimate Racing Simulator
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Virtua Tennis: World Tour
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05Wipeout Pure
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05World Championship Snooker 2005
7thSony PSPEuropean09/01/05World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition
7thSony PSPJapan12/12/04Armored Core: Formula Front
7thSony PSPJapan12/12/04Lumines
7thSony PSPJapan12/12/04Mahjong Fight Club
7thSony PSPJapan12/12/04Minna no Golf Portable
7thSony PSPJapan12/12/04Ridge Racers
7thSony PSPJapan12/12/04Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Ape Escape: On the Loose
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Dynasty Warriors
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Gretzky NHL
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Lumines
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Metal Gear Acid
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05NBA
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Need for Speed Underground: Rivals
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05NFL Street 2: Unleashed
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Ridge Racer
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Spider-Man 2
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Tony Hawk's Underground 2: Remix
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Twisted Metal: Head-On
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05Wipeout Pure
7thSony PSPUSA & Canada03/24/05World Tour Soccer: Challenge Edition
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Angry Birds Star Wars
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Battlefield 4
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Call of Duty: Ghosts
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Crimson Dragon
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Dead Rising 3
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13FIFA 14
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Fighter Within
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Forza Motorsport 5
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Just Dance 2014
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Killer Instinct
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Lego Marvel Super Heroes
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13LocoCycle
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Madden NFL 25
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13NBA 2K14
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13NBA Live 14
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Need for Speed Rivals
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Powerstar Golf
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Ryse: Son of Rome
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Skylanders: Swap Force
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Zoo Tycoon
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneEuropean11/22/13Zumba Fitness: World Party
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Battlefield 4
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Call of Duty: Ghosts
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Child of Light
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Crimson Dragon
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Dance Central Spotlight
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Dead Rising 3
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Forza Motorsport 5
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Halo: Spartan Assault
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Killer Instinct
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Kinect Sports Rivals
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14LocoCycle
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Murdered: Soul Suspect
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Need for Speed Rivals
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Powerstar Golf
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Ryse: Son of Rome
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Strider
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Thief
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Titanfall
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Trials Fusion
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Warframe
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Watch Dogs
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Wolfenstein: The New Order
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Zoo Tycoon
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneJapan09/04/14Zumba Fitness: World Party
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Angry Birds Star Wars
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Battlefield 4
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Call of Duty: Ghosts
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Crimson Dragon
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Dead Rising 3
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13FIFA 14
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Fighter Within
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Forza Motorsport 5
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Just Dance 2014
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Killer Instinct
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Lego Marvel Super Heroes
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13LocoCycle
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Madden NFL 25
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13NBA 2K14
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13NBA Live 14
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Need for Speed Rivals
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Powerstar Golf
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Ryse: Son of Rome
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Skylanders: Swap Force
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Zoo Tycoon
8thMicrosoft Xbox OneUSA11/22/13Zumba Fitness: World Party
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11AR Games (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Asphalt 3D
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Face Raiders (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Find Mii (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Nintendogs + Cats (three versions)
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Pilotwings Resort
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Puzzle Swap (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Rayman 3D
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Ridge Racer 3D
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Super Monkey Ball 3D
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11The Sims 3
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
8thNintendo 3DSEuropean03/25/11Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11AR Games (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Bust-a-Move Universe
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Face Raiders (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Find Mii (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Nintendogs + Cats (three versions)
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Puzzle Swap (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Ridge Racer 3D
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
8thNintendo 3DSJapan02/26/11Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11AR Games (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Asphalt 3D
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Bust-a-Move Universe
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Face Raiders (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Find Mii (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Madden NFL Football
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Nintendogs + Cats (three versions)
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Pilotwings Resort
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Puzzle Swap (preloaded application)
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Rayman 3D
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Ridge Racer 3D
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Steel Diver
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Super Monkey Ball 3D
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11The Sims 3
8thNintendo 3DSUSA03/27/11Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
8thNintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleUSA06/06/11Alleyway
8thNintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleUSA06/06/11Radar Mission
8thNintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleUSA06/06/11Super Mario Land
8thNintendo 3DS Virtual ConsoleUSA06/06/11The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX (Released on June 7, 2011 during Nintendo's E3 Press Conference)
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12007 Legends
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Assassin's Creed III
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Ben 10: Omniverse
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Call of Duty: Black Ops II
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Chasing Aurora
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Darksiders II
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12FIFA 13
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Funky Barn
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Game Party Champions
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Just Dance 4
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Little Inferno
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Mass Effect 3: Special Edition
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Nano Assault Neo
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12New Super Mario Bros. U
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Nintendo Land
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Puddle
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Rabbids Land
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Skylanders: Giants
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Sports Connection
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Tank! Tank! Tank!
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Transformers: Prime – The Game
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Trine 2: Director's Cut
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
8thNintendo Wii UEuropean11/30/12ZombiU
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Assassin's Creed III
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12FIFA 13
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Mass Effect 3: Special Edition
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12New Super Mario Bros. U
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Nintendo Land
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
8thNintendo Wii UJapan12/08/12ZombiU
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Assassin's Creed III
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Ben 10: Omniverse
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Call of Duty: Black Ops II
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Chasing Aurora
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Darksiders II
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12ESPN Sports Connection
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12FIFA Soccer 13
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Funky Barn
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Game Party Champions
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Just Dance 4
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Little Inferno
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Madden NFL 13
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Mass Effect 3: Special Edition
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Nano Assault Neo
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12NBA 2K13
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12New Super Mario Bros. U
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Nintendo Land
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Rabbids Land
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Scribblenauts Unlimited
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Sing Party
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Skylanders: Giants
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Tank! Tank! Tank!
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Transformers: Prime – The Game
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Trine 2: Director's Cut
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Wipeout 3
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
8thNintendo Wii UUSA11/18/12ZombiU
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Angry Birds Star Wars
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Battlefield 4
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Call of Duty: Ghosts
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Contrast
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13DC Universe Online
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Escape Plan
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13FIFA 14
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Flower
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Just Dance 2014
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Killzone Shadow Fall
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Knack
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Lego Marvel Super Heroes
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Madden NFL 25
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13NBA 2K14
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13NBA Live 14
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Need for Speed Rivals
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Putty Squad
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Resogun
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Sound Shapes
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Super Motherload
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13The Playroom
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Trine 2: Complete Story
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13War Thunder
8thSony Playstation 4European11/29/13Warframe
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Battlefield 4
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Call of Duty: Ghosts
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Contrast
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Doki-Doki Universe
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Don't Starve: Console Edition
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Dream C Club: Host Girls on Stage
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Escape Plan
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14FIFA 14
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14flOw
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Flower
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Killzone Shadow Fall
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Knack
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14NBA 2K14
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Need for Speed Rivals
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Nikoli no Puzzle 4: Sudoku
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Nobunaga no Yabou: Souzou
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Onigiri
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Resogun
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin!
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Sound Shapes
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Strider
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14The Playroom
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Tottemo E Mahjong Plus
8thSony Playstation 4Japan02/22/14Warframe
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Angry Birds Star Wars
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Battlefield 4
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Blacklight: Retribution
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Call of Duty: Ghosts
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Contrast
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13DC Universe Online
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13FIFA 14
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Flower
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Just Dance 2014
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Killzone Shadow Fall
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Knack
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Lego Marvel Super Heroes
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Madden NFL 25
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13NBA 2K14
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Need for Speed Rivals
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Resogun
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Skylanders: Swap Force
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Sound Shapes
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Super Motherload
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13The Playroom
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Trine 2: Complete Story
8thSony Playstation 4USA11/15/13Warframe
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12A-Men
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Army Corps of Hell
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Asphalt: Injection
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Dynasty Warriors Next
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Escape Plan
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Everybody’s Golf: World Invitational
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12F1 2011
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12FIFA Football
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Frobisher Says!
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Hustle Kings
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Little Deviants
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Lumines Electronic Symphony
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Michael Jackson: The Experience HD
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12ModNation Racers: Road Trip
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12MotorStorm: RC
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Putty Squad
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Rayman Origins
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Reality Fighters
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Ridge Racer
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Smart As
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Super Stardust Delta
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12t@g
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Top Darts
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Touch My Katamari
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Uncharted: Golden Abyss
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition
8thSony PS VitaEuropean02/22/12Wipeout 2048
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11AR Combat DigiQ
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Army Corps of Hell
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Asphalt: Injection
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Dark Quest: Alliance
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Disgaea 3 Return
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Dream Club Zero Portable
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Dynasty Warriors Next
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Everybody's Golf 6
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11F1 2011
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Little Deviants
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Lord of Apocalypse
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Mahjong Fight Club: Shinsei Zenkoku Taisen Ban
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Michael Jackson: The Experience HD
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Minna to Issho
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Monster Radar
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11NAX Music Player
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11NicoNico
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Ridge Racer
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru: 11 Ninme no Suspect
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Touch My Katamari
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Uncharted: Golden Abyss
8thSony PS VitaJapan12/17/11Virtua Tennis 4
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Army Corps of Hell
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Asphalt: Injection
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Augmented Reality – Cliff Diving
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Augmented Reality – Fireworks
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Augmented Reality – Table Soccer
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Ben 10: Galactic Racing
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Dynasty Warriors Next
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Escape Plan
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12F1 2011
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12FIFA Soccer
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Hustle Kings
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Little Deviants
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Lumines Electronic Symphony
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Michael Jackson: The Experience HD
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12ModNation Racers: Road Trip
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Plants vs. Zombies
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Rayman Origins
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Super Stardust Delta
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Touch My Katamari
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Uncharted: Golden Abyss
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition
8thSony PS VitaUSA02/22/12Wipeout 2048