Skylanders – SWAP Force

I currently own 4 of the 100 released figures

OwnFigure NameFigure TypeSeriesNumberGame
YesBlast ZoneSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Boom JetSWAP CharactersSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Doom StoneSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Fire KrakenSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Free RangerSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Freeze BladeSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Grilla DrillaSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Hoot LoopSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Magna ChargeSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Night ShiftSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Rattle ShakeSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Rubble RouserSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Spy RiseSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Stink BombSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Trap ShadowSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
YesWash BucklerSWAP CharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Bumble BlastCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
CountdownCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Dune BugCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
FrynoCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Grim CreeperCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Pop ThornCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Punk ShockCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
RiptideCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Roller BrawlCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
ScorpCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
ScratchCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Slobber ToothCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
SmolderdashCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Star StrikeCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Wind-UpCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
YesZoo LouCharactersSeries 1Skylanders SWAP Force
Anchors Away Gill GruntCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Big Bang Trigger HappyCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Blizzard ChillCharactersSeries 2Skylanders SWAP Force
Fire Bone Hot DogCharactersSeries 2Skylanders SWAP Force
Heavy Duty SprocketCharactersSeries 2Skylanders SWAP Force
Horn Blast WhirlwindCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Hyper Beam Prism BreakCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Knockout TerrafinCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Lava Barf EruptorCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Mega Ram SpyroCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
YesNinja Stealth ElfCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Phantom CynderCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Super Gulp Pop FizzCharactersSeries 2Skylanders SWAP Force
Thorn Horn CamoCharactersSeries 2Skylanders SWAP Force
Turbo Jet-VacCharactersSeries 2Skylanders SWAP Force
Twin Blade Chop ChopCharactersSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
LightCore SkylandersLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore Bumble BlastLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore CountdownLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore FlashwingLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore Grim CreeperLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore SmolderdashLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore Star StrikeLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore WarnadoLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
LightCore Wham-ShellLightCore CharactersN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Arkeyan CrossbowMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Battle HammerMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Fiery ForgeMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Groove MachineMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Platinum SheepMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Sheep Wreck IslandMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Sky DiamondMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Tower Of TimeMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Target Pre-order Card - UFO HatMagic ItemsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Dark Blast ZoneIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Dark Slobber ToothIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Dark Mega Ram SpyroIn-Game VariantsSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Dark Ninja Stealth ElfIn-Game VariantsSeries 3Skylanders SWAP Force
Dark Wash BucklerIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Enchanted Hoot LoopIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Enchanted LightCore Star StrikeIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Jade Fire KrakenIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Jolly Bumble BlastIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
YesKickoff CountdownIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Legendary Free RangerIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Legendary LightCore Grim CreeperIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Legendary Night ShiftIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Legendary Zoo LouIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Nitro Freeze BladeIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Nitro Magna ChargeIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Quickdraw Rattle ShakeIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Springtime Trigger HappyIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Volcanic EruptorIn-Game VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Bronze Trap - Silver ShadowChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Flocked Springtime Trigger HappyChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Green Flame Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot DogChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Purple Flame Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot DogChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Red Flame Frito-Lay Fire Bone Hot DogChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Gold & Bronze Doom StoneChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Gold Fire Kraken - 2013 Developer ExclusiveChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Gold Wash BucklerChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Green Chop ChopChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Green Rip TideChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Green ScorpChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Best Buy Exclusive Heavy Metal SprocketChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Metallic Red Dune BugChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Silver & Gold Stink BombChase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force
Employee Edition LightCore Smolderdash Holiday 2013Chase VariantsN/ASkylanders SWAP Force