List of region free Xbox titles

This is a list of all the region free games released for the original (2001-2009) Xbox console (Not the Xbox 360 or Xbox One)

American McGee’s Scrapland
Brothers In Arms
Cabela’s Deer Hunt 2005
Call of Duty- Finest Hour
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Doom 3 (American NTSC-U/C Version)
Forza MotorSport
Ghost Recon 2
Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball
Halo 2
Iron Phoenix
Jade Empire
Mech Assault
Mech Assault 2
Prince of Persia 2 – Warrior Within
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Rainbow Six 3
Rainbow Six 3- Black Arrow
Rallisport Challenge 2
Splinter Cell – Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow
Star Wars Battlefront
Steel Batallion- LOC
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Tron 2.0 Killer App
Unreal Championship
Unreal Championship 2
Vietcong- Purple Haze
X-Men Legends