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Master System 2 50/60Hz Switch

The Sega Master System 2 is
capable of displaying a PAL 60Hz picture, if you perform this mod, then you’ll
be able to get a full screen and full speed picture without a RGB Scart lead
(unlike the Mega Drive).

Once you’ve dismantled your
console, and removed the shielding (don’t mix up the screws!), remove the
motherboard to make it easier to work with.

Just behind the controller
ports, look for a chip with Sega 315-5246 written on it, it’s got 64 legs, and
we want leg 57, it’s easy to find it, just count back from leg 64 which is

We want leg 57 on this chip.

There’s many ways to lift leg 57
from the motherboard, you can lever it off with a screwdriver whilst heating the
solder up, or hook some wire around it, and pull whilst heating solder. 
Whichever you decide, be careful not to break the leg, use some small needle
nose pliers to straighten the leg once lifted.

You can just make out the leg has been lifted away

Lay some electrical insulation
tape under the lifted leg, then prepare the leg by melting some solder onto it. 
Prepare a short piece of wire (about 20cm), "tin" it and solder it to the leg.

Wire on leg 57

Now we need to solder a wire to
5v, there are lots of possible places, mmmonkey tried to keep this tidy by
picking a point near where we are working.  Look carefully at the picture
and prepare the same points as mmmonkey has by melting a little bit of solder
onto it.  Also prepare a suitable point for Ground, again, there are plenty
of areas to do this, mmmonkey picked a point in the same area, a leg of a

5v point
Ground point

Solder some wires to these
points, mmmonkey used black for ground, and red/white for 5v, route the wires so
they are between the controller ports, then stick them across controller port 2. 
Then replace the shielding.

Soldered wires
Wire route

Now solder the wires to a
switch, as usual mmmonkey has used a small sliding switch that is
break-before-make (so it’s safe to use the switch with the console switched on), and forgot to mount
the switch BEFORE doing any of this work (see the Mega Drive 1 guide for info on
mounting these switches).  The switch can be mounted where-ever you like on the console. 
Tolder the wires as shown, the white wire (from leg 57)
should be soldered onto the middle contact, the ground and 5v wires can go on
either of the 2 remaining contacts.  The switch should be a Single Pole,
Double Throw, although mmmonkey could only find a Double Pole, Double Throw –
this has 2 rows of contacts, so only one row is used.

Wired switch

Here’s some pictures of Alex
Kidd running in 50Hz and 60Hz mode.  In 60Hz mode there still seems to be
some borders, mmmonkey needs to get some more games to test fully.

50Hz mode
60Hz mode

You may want to adjust the
cartridge connector contacts as in the Mega Drive 1 Loose
guide, you may also want to add an A/V port to
your Master System 2 so you can use an RGB Scart lead.

Thanks must go to
Mark, it was his guide
that mmmonkey first followed, his site contains lots of good guides, and is
referenced a lot on this site.

Summary of Components needed

1 x Single Pole, Double Throw
3 pieces of wire

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