About that Ghostbusters Movie

I am so tired of seeing all these posts about how fans are hating on the ghostbusters remake because of it being a woman cast.

Please pry your head out of your ass and understand the reason people are showing so much “hate” for the movie so far IS because it is a movie remake that was not needed. They have been trying to do a third movie for years.

Then they was saying the movie was a reboot and did not follow the original movies. But yet the very first movie trailer released it say “30 years ago four scientists saved new york” so even the production team (including the people doing trailers) have no idea what direction the movie is following. It almost seems like the entire crew was straight out of Junior High/High School and this is the first time working in the industry.

As I have said before I will wait for the video rental from RedBox to watch the movie I refuse to pay more then $2. Which is the same thing I pay for most crap movies from RedBox or Family Video. Like I just rented a movie based on the Slender Man game for about that.