About Me

Real Name: James
Known Alias: lwizardl

Date of Birth: August 29, 1980
Occupation: Retail Sales

Favorite Toy Companies: Kenner, Playmates, LJN, Takara, Hasbro (Not newer junk toys)

History: Child of the 1980’s, Love to watch cartoons, Anime, Horror, Science Fiction. Collector of the Action Figures of my childhood, Magic The Gathering, and Video Games.

Very supportive of video games and media preservation.

One of the very annoying aspects of social media is that people do make fake accounts and then charge people to inflate the numbers of followers, likes, etc. I will never buy or do that on any of my accounts, and if I end up following, or accepting them as a follower of mine, I will remove and block them as soon as I find out. So far I have not found any to be directly fake, but I have found a few to be spam accounts and removed and blocked them.

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Avatar image is called [Wizard] (c)Corey Wolfe Illustration, used with permission by http://www.coreywolfe.com/