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No more GameStop for me

Well that is the final time i attempt to buy anything from gamestop. Called them about the steamlink, Steve says they have one and checks the price sees that its $4.99 says that can not be right price I said if its 5 bucks then yup its correct. Ask Steve to hold it and tell him my name. I will be in before closing to get it, and ask him what time they close Steve says 9pm. So 530pm I show up to buy it and Ben (same guy i have had problems with in the past) behind the counter I say i have a steamlink on hold for me and Ben says he just sold the last one.

So that makes the third strike in about a year now I have been screwed over by Ben at the store.

game cataloging restarting

I am restarting my game cataloging since I sold a bunch of games and never did update the lists. So i will be removing all my current lists and uploading new ones in their place. By doing this I will also be able to make sure which games, systems, accessories are missing items.