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finished with Hauppauge capture devices

okay I absolutely give up on any Hauppauge devices. I have the HDPVR2 model with TOSlink and have been having serious problems with the device and Hauppauge has not responded to any tech support via email or phone. I have been trying to give them a chance on fixing my issues but seems they do not care and are just happy they got my money for the device.

The issues I am having
HDPVR2 locks up and has to be unplugged to get working
recordings desync at random times
uses non standard header info on recordings so some editing apps do not like the video.
when recording in what should be 5.1 audio it sometimes does record in 5.1 but then other times is missing sections of the audio.

I have been trying to get them to help since aug 21st of 2014 and the last reply I ever got from Hauppauge was Jan 13 2015. I have tried at least 50 times from about sept 1st 2014 until now and just give up.

What would be the best capture device to purchase to get away from this junk I have been dealing with? I keep hearing that the Elgato products are the most used and would like opinions on them. I do have the xrgb mini frameister so I will use that for analog inputs.

Box for my Famicom Disk System

Just got my empty box for the Famicom Disk System in the mail today, already had the system for a while now and finally can re-unite it with it’s box. Still have a couple things to find to finish and make it complete in box but those should be easy-ish to find.



and as you can see in the following picture this is as close as I am to having it complete in box


I said it Ghostbusters redbox only

I said it before and my word is my bond, I would wait for it to become a 2 dollar rental at RedBox before I would see the new Ghostbusters 2016 movie. Well my local RedBox had the movie on DVD for rent at $1.59 so figured it was time to watch this movie.

Proof that I just rented the movie


I have not decided if I plan to do a video review of the movie or not but we shall see, if anything I will do a written review since I know that can not be hit with a copyright strike like youtube videos can be.

United Front Games closes

Very sad news today, I just read that the game developer United Front Games which are the makers of the absolutely wonderful and underrated game Sleeping Dogs. Has closed down.

My prayers go out to all the employees and their families. I hope they are able to find work at another company quickly, and that they can get back to making the games we all love to play.

Pickups Oct 05, 2016

Went to a GameStop in Grand Rapids, Michigan today and found a couple games I wanted. Also noticed that the not cleaning games and cases is universal at all GameStop stores.


Skylanders Giants (3DS)
March of the Penguins (DS) [No Manual]
Tony Hawk: Shred (Wii) [Disc Only]
Glacier 2 (Wii) [Disc Only]
Skylanders Swap Force (Wii) [Disc Only]
Emergency Heroes (Wii) [Disc Only]
G-Force (Wii) [Complete]
Cid The Dummy (Wii) [Complete]
Skylanders Giants (Wii) [Complete]
Dance Dance Reolution: Hottest Party 2 (Wii) [Complete]

Will be looking for Gaming Books (Books, Magazines, and Strategy Guides)

I am going to start looking for and collecting gaming magazines and strategy guides. So if you have any that you are looking to sell/trade. Let me know. I will be slowly cataloging all the books that I have currently. If you watch the old videos on youtube you will get an idea of what I have.

Old Videos Part 1

Old Videos Part 2

Old Videos Part 3

revisiting Gears of War 2

Since the new Gears of War game is coming out my nephew wanted to replay through the GOW games and we are doing so on his Xbox One console.

GOW1: Played through the game with very little issues.
GOW2: Instantly locks up at the main menu system. Have attempted to play the game around 15 times and still can not do it. We are using the digital download version and it fails upon the press start screen.

Remaining Games: Nintendo Game Boy Color

In January I sold a bunch of my games to help pay for a funeral for my Grandma. I am slowly sorting all my games and updating my catalog of owned games to match what I still currently have and then to also make lists of what I need to rebuy.

Currently own:
Conker’s Pocket Tales
Disney’s Tarzan
NHL Blades of Steel 2000
Rocket Power Gettin’ Air
The Grinch
Tony Hawk pro Skater
The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX

Games I Sold, and want to rebuy:
The Legend of Zelda – Oracle of Seasons

Pickups Oct 01, 2016

decided to check out Disc Traders today and found a couple games I needed.


Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (GBC) [Game Only]
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (N64) [Players Choice] [Game Only]
Werewolf: The Last Warrior (NES) (Game Only)
Evil Dead: Regeneration (XBOX) [Complete]

Not pictured
Skyrim PS3 gave to friend