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Pickups for April 28, 2016

Hitachi TRK-W545HW Cassette Boombox $2.00
Magnetic Checkers $1.00
Magnetic Backgammon $0.10
Magnetic Backgammon $0.10
Magnetic Chinese Checkers $0.10
Manga No. 451 2015
Manga No. 452 2015
Manga No. 454 2016
Yo-Kai Watch Binder $0.50
Yo-Kai Watch Medals $1.00 For All
Yo-Kai Watch Wrist Watch $1.00
World Poker Tour TV Plug and Play $3.00
Transformers Construct Bots Bumblebee $1.00
One Piece Notebook $0.50

Pickups – Apr 24, 2016

Just got back from doing some thrift store hunting and found a couple good things tonight.

Stuffed Bowser $0.59

Weeds Bluray Season 5 $3.99 NEW
Coka Cola Bank $5.99
Coka Cola Bank $5.99

8-Track Storage rack $0.99
NES 10 Game Storage rack $0.99
DVI to VGA $0.99
DVI to VGA $0.99
Display Port to VGA $0.99
DVI Cable $0.99

Head Rush Skylanders Trap Team $02.49
Head Rush Skylanders Trap Team $02.49

Military Toys pack $3.99

11 My Little Pony toys $8

NTC Facebook group Bad Admin

So I was just banned from the “Nintendo Trade and Collect” for commenting on a thread where someone was scammed in the group and the admin “Emmanuel Rosado” is looking like he is protecting the scammers. I have screenshot of the entire thread upto the momment of my banning. Here are the comments that got me banned.

“Almost looks like admins are protecting one person while banning someone being scammed”

“Sounds like a great way to kill off a group”

Really the 4th? Did the same admin ban all the people that was scammed”

“Must be a best friend of theirs” <--Comment I was banned after

Key to the Kingdom boardgame

With the help of a friend I am finally getting closer to having a complete Key to the Kingdom which is a game I have not had since around 1995 or so.




Pickups – Apr 02, 2016

Today I decided to pickup a few Blu-Ray movies for the collection, couple of the movies I love, others not a fan but some of my friends enjoy them, others never watched before. They was all cheap so figure why not add more movies I can watch on Blu-Ray.

In The Name of the King 2: Two Worlds [Never watched] ($3 – 20% off = $2.40)
2 Movies Double Feature (The Replacement Killers, Truth of Consequences N.M. [Replacement Killers is one of my all time favorite action movies, Truth of Consequences never watched] ($2.88 – 20% off = $2.30)
Meet The Spartans (Unrated Pit-Of-Death Edition) (I hate this movie, a couple friends like it] ($3.50 – 20% off = $2.80)
Henry’s Crime [Never Watched] ($2.88 – 20% off = $2.30)


Shaun of the Dead (Love this movie) ($5.99)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) (Hate this movie, friends liked it) ($5.99)
Family Double Feature (Scooby-Doo 1 & 2 Collection) (First movie was great, not so much the second) ($5.99)
The Return of the Living Dead (Collector’s Edition) (One of the best Zombie movies ever) ($4.97)