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Playstation TV to stop shipments in Japan

Seems Sony will cease shipments of the Playstation TV in Japan, that could only mean USA shipments might become limited also.

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Nintendo NX details leaked by Geno?

So some details was leaked about what is supposed to be the upcoming Nintendo NX console. Seems like it could be an interesting little system.

this is the article I copied the post from

A leak has reportedly been made regarding Nintendo’s mysterious upcoming console, known simply as the NX. The leaker calls himself ‘Geno’ and has made a number of leaks in the past which proved to be true. He claims that Nintendo’s next console will have a detachable HDMI dongle, it will have haptic feedback in joysticks, its power is comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox One, and any game that can run on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 can easily be made to run on the NX with almost no modification needed.

Here’s the rundown of everything Geno has told us about the NX:

It has a wireless HDMI dongle that attaches flush to the back of the device. You can pull it out and insert it into any display with a normal sized HDMI output.
The device uses an evolved version of the Wii U’s streaming tech to display in HD on the TV screen.
Analog controls for movement have small motors in them for full haptic feedback (e.g. if you control a character and hit a wall, the sticks move away from the wall to simulate hitting it)
Bluetooth synch with tons of devices is supported, including smartphones and tablets.
You can answer phone calls and display text messages from your phone onto NX screen(s).
It is closest to the Xbox One in terms of power.
All tech involved uses the exact same hardware layout as the PS4 and Xbox One
Any game that can run on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can easily run on the NX with almost no modifications required. This is even more true if the game runs on Android OS or Unreal Engine 4. One third-party developer said “it’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works.”
We should look to Pokémon GO to get an idea of the type of social features that will be in NX.
It will take multiplayer, AR, and the StreetPass concept to a whole new level.
The strengths of the device are its usability and ease of use.
Devs describe it visually and functionally as “as if Samsung and the Nintendo 2DS had a baby.”
It looks friendly, but unlike what most people believe a Nintendo device to typically look like.
The operating system, named NintendOS, is very powerful and has many modern features of mobile operating systems.
Nintendo is trying to be very careful in showing it off for fear that it would be mistaken as running Android.
Very strong networking functions, as it ties into multiple devices and services. This allows for a very competent and pervasive eco-system designed to constantly involve the consumer’s life.

Geno has been correct about multiple rumors before, including the existence of Microsoft’s Illumiroom, that the PlayStation 4 would be capable of running modern-day graphics on its hardware, and new Pokémon types and forms in Pokémon X and Y, so it seems he has a good track record. He quoted an employee apparently involved with the NX’s development, who said he had “not seen this much forward momentum on a project since they launched the original Famicom.”

Do you guys think this info is legitimate? Is the NX going to be Nintendo’s next big thing? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Toys I Sold

Sold off part of the collection today to help raise funds for my grandma’s funeral costs. My grandma passed away on Jan 19, 2016 and because no one in the family had money saved for it I ended up selling a very large portion of the games & toy collections. I will be added all those I had sold into the wants list so I can hopefully find them again later and be able to trade for getting some back.

Action Figures

Star Wars
Darth Vader Figure Storage Cases (x2)

RIP George Gaynes

I grew up watching Punky Brewster during the 1980s, this show meant more to me then most of the other shows, I can say my very first crush was on Soleil Moonfrye. Reading her words on the passing of the George Gaynes I feel says it better then I could.


The universe just gained a gigantic star. You will be in my heart and soul always & forever.
Your little Punky
RIP George Gaynes
Love to your family.

He also had the honor of being Commandant Eric Lassard in the Police Academy movies,
IMDB link

Gamestop “NEW” Skylanders pickup

I was looking at gamestops page for some prices on skylanders and seen a couple that my local store said they had. SO I decided to have them pulled for me and I would pick them up when the store opened. Once I got home I noticed that they seemed like they was opened and resealed. Having never bought new skylanders before I have nothing to compare with so I thought I would upload a video and ask what are peoples thoughts on them.

In the video i said I would put the pictures of the listings in the video, I am still trying to find a good video editing program so I will have to just link to the screenshot I took and also a direct link to the gamestop page on them.

Skylanders Trap Team Water Trap Pack
(pic) http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Hauls/2016-02-06/WaterTrap.png
(gamestop) http://www.gamestop.com/accessories/skylanders-trap-team-water-trap-pack/117448

Skylanders SWAP Force Kickoff Countdown Individual Character Pack
(pic) http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Hauls/2016-02-06/Kickoff.png
(gamestop) http://www.gamestop.com/accessories/skylanders-swap-force-kickoff-countdown-individual-character-pack/115129

Skylanders Giants Silver Dragonfire Cannon Battle Pack
(pic) http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Hauls/2016-02-06/Dragon.png
(gamestop) http://www.gamestop.com/accessories/skylanders-giants-silver-dragonfire-cannon-battle-pack/107639