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sold part of the collection today

Sold off part of the collection today to help raise funds for my grandma’s funeral costs. My grandma passed away on Jan 19, 2016 and because no one in the family had money saved for it I ended up selling a very large portion of the games & toy collections. I will be added all those I had sold into the wants list so I can hopefully find them again later and be able to trade for getting some back.





List of sold Toys.
List of Sold Games
List of Sold Comic Books

Hauls Jan 19, 2016

bought this on christmas eve and it just got here yesterday.

FM Towns Marty, listed as broken. Got it for $122.50+$67 shipping

Opened it up and found the door sensor broken.

Taped the sensor down and it read a audio cd, later tested free software collection vol2, splatterhouse, and muscle bomber all loaded fine.

tested a floppy diskette and it sounded really loud, removed the drive and found broken belt. WIll be replacing that next.

Now to find a controller

Hauls for Jan 08, 2016

2 of the 12 games for the 1978 APF MP-1000 Imagination Machine.