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Today we lost Sir Terry Pratchett

Today we lost of my all time favorite fantasy and science fiction authors, He has been battling Alzheimer’s for a while now, he donated over £500K of his own money to research into Alzheimer’s Disease.


R.I.P. Sir Terry Pratchett

Double Fine Productions & Tim Schafer Games

I have added all games from the racist bigot Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions to the growing list of games I refuse to buy or play. So I had originally planned to do a live stream gameplay of Psychonauts. but with his recent attack on minority gamers that are part of GamerGate. I refuse to give him any signal boosting for his games. So I will not be buying the new Grim Fandango games and if he does decide to finally make the second game in the Psychonauts series. I will not be buying it or playing them. I will never support someone who thinks attacking minorities or female gamers was a good thing.

As far as I am concerned the careers for both Tim Schafer and Double Fine are dead.