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Live Streaming Background

For Christmas I got this freaking sweet tapestry for my wall today from my brother, wife, and kids. Completely love it! Gonna use it as the backgound on my videos.

First Amiibo Pit from Kid Icarus

bought my first Amiibo today Pit from Kid Icarus


Kmart PS4 & Xbox One deal

My recent grab from kmart total spent $42.36!


Bought PS4 & Xbox One Games

Recently decided to grab some PS4 & Xbox One games from kmart, the total spent was $42.36

Infamous: Second Son (Sony Playstation 4) $19.99 NEW
Knack (Sony Playstation 4) $9.99 NEW
Metal gear Sold V: Ground Zeroes (Microsoft Xbox One) $4.99 NEW
Metal gear Sold V: Ground Zeroes (Sony Playstation 4) $4.99 NEW