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Finally the colecovision is in my collection


PC-Engine system card 3.0

Today the PC-Engine system card 3.0 I ordered has arrived from Japan. I own the American Turbogarfx-16 system and I plan to get it region modded so I can play the Japanese games also.


Atari jaguar system is back in collection

Just got the Atari Jaguar system in the mail from ebay. The seller shipped the system using shopping bags for padding, and as soon as I opened the box I got a strong smell of cigarette smoke. So I put the system, games, and all accessories into ziplock bags with dryer sheets to mask the smell of smoke. I think before I test it out I am going to give everything a cleaning and maybe sanitation

Comic books from Dollar Tree

This just happened, I was looking at one of my local Dollar Tree stores and I have found some books I liked before but when i seen this I could not pass this up for $1. In the bag was Spawn & Batman comic by Frank Miller & Todd Mcfarlane. Also in the bag was Hellstorm #5 and a Elvis card.

I just thought it was a funny combo. HellStorm a book about the son of the devil. Spawn originally being the lead soldier in hell’s army, and then a Elvis card. Guess they needed good music to play in hell?