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Thanks for checking out my web site, I plan to have a complete list of everything in my collections, and also provide information on how to make the best of your gaming environment. Hopefully you will find a large source of information on gaming in general while here, and also be able to enjoy game plays, guides, reviews, mods, etc

My experience with X-Men HyperScan booster packs

So today I bought 23 packs of X-men series black hyperscan packs from goodwill. They was all sealed for $1.00 each. I kept 1 pack sealed for my collection, and sold 5 packs to a friend for his collection. The other 17 packs I opened and this was the results of those packs. I seen many exact same packs, and others that had same cards but a few different cards in the packs. If you arebuying and opening packs and finding similar results let me know.

(Face card in pack seen)

X-Men HyperScan Black Series Packs Combinations
007 – Wolverine
015 – Omega Red
023 – Spinning Death
027 -Accelerated Healing
041- Red Guard
043 – Superhuman Resistant

050-Projectile Vengeance
036-Magnetic Maneuver
034-Psychic Shield
028-Thunder n Lightning
015-Omega Red

050-Projectile Vengeance
036-Magnetic Maneuver
034-Psychic Shield
028-Thunder n Lightning
015-Omega Red

050-Projectile Vengeance
036-Magnetic Maneuver
034-Psychic Shield
028-Thunder n Lightning
015-Omega Red

025-lethal injection
027-accelerated healing
047-melee shield
052-professor x

025-lethal injection
027-accelerated healing
047-melee shield
052-professor x

028-thunder n lightning
038-morph queen
036-magnetic maneuver
051-melee vengeance

024-Rapid Fire Destruction
038-Morph queen
052-Professor x
054-Speed Room

20-super freeze
037-adamantium skeleton
055-intelligence room
057-energy projection room

20-super freeze
037-adamantium skeleton
055-intelligence room
057-energy projection room

(020-Super Freeze)
020-Super freeze
055-Intelligence Room
057-Energy projection room
037-Adamantium skeleton

(013-Jean grey/Phoenix)
013-Jean grey/Phoenix
015-Omega red
020-super freeze
035-metallic mayhem
037-adamantium skeleton

(013-Jean grey/Phoenix)
013-Jean grey/Phoenix
015-Omega red
020-super freeze
035-metallic mayhem
037-adamantium skeleton

036-magnetic maneuver
024-rapid firedestruction
040-toxic tentacles

036-magnetic maneuver
024-rapid firedestruction
040-toxic tentacles

015-omega red
049-half as nice
018-sun burst
037-adamantium skeleton
053-durabilty room

015-omega red
024-rapid fire destruction
034-psychic shield
039-shapely shifting

No more GameStop for me

Well that is the final time i attempt to buy anything from gamestop. Called them about the steamlink, Steve says they have one and checks the price sees that its $4.99 says that can not be right price I said if its 5 bucks then yup its correct. Ask Steve to hold it and tell him my name. I will be in before closing to get it, and ask him what time they close Steve says 9pm. So 530pm I show up to buy it and Ben (same guy i have had problems with in the past) behind the counter I say i have a steamlink on hold for me and Ben says he just sold the last one.

So that makes the third strike in about a year now I have been screwed over by Ben at the store.

game cataloging restarting

I am restarting my game cataloging since I sold a bunch of games and never did update the lists. So i will be removing all my current lists and uploading new ones in their place. By doing this I will also be able to make sure which games, systems, accessories are missing items.

Hauls for Sept 2, 2017

Karl Fulves: Self-Working Table Maic: 97 Foolproof Tricks with everyday objects $0.25
Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes The Avengers: The Ultimate Character Guide $0.50
The Greatest Movies Ever: The Ultimate Ranked List of the 101 Best Films of All Time! $1.00

Nintendo Game Boy bundle: $10.00
Spongebob Game Boy SP system (AGS-101) (with Charger, Manual, and Precautions Booklet)
Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom (Game with Manual)
Tokyo Xtreme Racer Advance (Game with Manual)
Star Wars: Episode 2 Attack of the Clones (Game with Manual)
Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land (Game with Manual)
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue (Game with Manual)
Pac-Man Pinball Advance (Game with Manual)
Batman Begins (Game with Manual)
Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World (Game with Manual)
Game Boy Advance Video: Cartoon Network Collection Volume 2 (Game with Manual)
Game Boy Advance Video: Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go Volume 1 (Game with Manual)
Monster Trucks/Quad Desert Fury (Game Only)
Intec Accessory & Storage Kit (2x Dual Game case, Car Charger, Lanyard, Transfer Cable, Belt Clip, FM Radio)

Nintendo DS Bundle: $25.00
Pink Nintendo DS System (with charger, missing stylus)
New Super Mario Bros. (Complete)
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Complete)
Picross 3D (Complete)
Fashion Studio: Paris Collection (Complete)
Imagine: Babysitters (Complete)
Ener-G Gym Rockets (Complete)
Mario Kart DS (Complete)
Carnival Games (Complete)
Imagine: Wedding Designer (Complete)

Music CD Bundle: $1.00
Big Daddy Kane: It’s A Bid Daddy Thing (Complete)
UB40: Promises and Lies (Complete)
iCarly (DVD, Missing CD)
High Scool Musical: 2-Disc Special Edition Soundtrack (Complete)
The Singing Machine: MTV Karaoke Sample Demo Disc
The Signing Machine: Disco Fever Vol 1
The Signing Machine: Disco Fever Vol 2

Walt Disney Enchanted $1.00
Superman Returns $1.00 (Fullscreen)
Storage Wars: Season 1 $1.00
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian $1.00
The Muppet Show: Season 1 $5.00
Star Trek Into Darkness $1.00
Fox News Reporting: The Right, All Along: The Rise, Fall & Future of Conservatism $1.00

Save The Net!

Today is the day we need to gather together and save the internet. Comcast wants to remove the Title II so they can charge more for streaming services.



Elgato Game Capture devices

Just got these in the mail and already starting to figure out the cards


just ordered a new capture setup

Just placed the order for a new capture setup to replace the defective hdpvr2 that hauppauge refuses to do any support for. Expect the review of the product soon, just waiting for the new cards (yes 2!) to arrive and for me to have the funds to do the final part of the video (I estimate it will cost around $150). It will take some time for me to have the money spare to use for the video (and location fees) but it will be very worth it.

Expect pictures and videos of the new devices

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro
Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

GoDaddy hosting support Brian

This tech is a joke, if you get him just hang up and try for someone else

He literally told me something was wrong because he forgot to scroll down and thought it was spaces

Going for the GameCube region exclusives ?

These are the games I know of that are exclusive to regions for the gamecube game collections

European Exclusive Game Cube Games (17)
Asterix & Obelix XXLPAL
Butt-Ugly Martians: Zoom or DoomPAL
Cocoto FunfairPAL
Cocoto Kart RacerPAL
Cocoto Platform JumperPAL
F1 Career ChallengePAL
Franklin: A Birthday SurprisePAL
Knights of the Temple: Infernal CrusadePAL
Largo Winch: Empire Under ThreatPAL
MaxPlay Classic Games Volume 1PAL
Mercedes-Benz World RacingPAL
Micro MachinesPAL
Neighbours from HellPAL
Speed Challenge: Jacques Villeneuve’s Racing VisionPAL
Taxi 3PAL
UEFA Champions League 2004-2005PAL

Japan Exclusive Game Cube Games (77)
Battle Stadium D.O.NJP
Bleach GC: Tasogare Ni Mamieru ShinigamiJP
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Dassutsu! Hajike RoyaleJP
Bomberman Land 2JP
Captain Tsubasa: Ōgon Sedai no ChōsenJP
Charinko HeroJP
Derby Tsuku 3: Derby Uma o Tsukurou!JP
Dokapon DX: Wataru Sekai wa Oni DarakeJP
Donkey Konga 3JP
Doraemon: Minna de Asobo! MinidorandoJP
Doubutsu no Mori e-PlusJP
Dragon Drive: D-Masters ShotJP
DreamMix TV World FightersJP
Duel MastersJP
Eisei Meijin VIJP
Family Stadium 2003JP
Gakuen Toshi Vara NoirJP
Gekitō Pro YakyūJP
Generation of Chaos ExceedJP
Hikaru no Go 3JP
Hudson Selection Vol. 1: Lode RunnerJP
Hudson Selection Vol. 2: Star SoldierJP
Hudson Selection Vol. 3: Bonk’s AdventureJP
Hudson Selection Vol. 4: Adventure IslandJP
Jikkyou Powerful Major LeagueJP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10 Chou KetteibanJP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 10JP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 11 Chou KetteibanJP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 11JP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 12 KetteibanJP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 12JP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 9 KetteibanJP
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu 9JP
Kidō Senshi Gundam: Gundam vs. Z GundamJP
Kidō Senshi Gundam: Senshitachi no KisekiJP
Kiwame Mahjong DX2JP
Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Mamono Fight!!JP
Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Yūjō no Tag Battle Full PowerJP
Korokke! Ban-Ō no Kiki o SukueJP
Kururin Squash!JP
Legend of GolferJP
Lupin Sansei: Umi ni Kieta HihouJP
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Special DiscJP[18][19]
Momotarō Dentetsu 11: Black Bombee Shutsugen! No MakiJP
Momotarō Dentetsu 12: Nishinihon Hen mo ari Masse!JP
Mr. Driller: Drill LandJP
Muscle Champion: Kinnikutō KessenJP
Mutsu TonohohonJP
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 3JP
Naruto: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! 4JP
Nintendo Puzzle CollectionJP
One Piece: Grand Battle! 3JP
One Piece: Treasure Battle!JP
Pool EdgeJP
Radirgy GeneriCJP
Rei Fighter Gekitsui SenkiJP
SD Gundam Gashapon WarsJP
Shaman King: Soul FightJP
Shikigami no Shiro IIJP
Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula: Road to the EvolutionJP
Special Jinsei GameJP
Super Robot Wars GCJP
Tengai Makyō II: ManjimaruJP
Tensai Bit-Kun: Gramon BattleJP
The Baseball 2003JP
The Legend of the Quiz Tournament of ChampionsJP
The Tower of DruagaJP
Warrior Blade: Rastan vs. BarbarianJP
World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Final EvolutionJP
Zoids Vs. IIIJP
Zoids Vs.JP
Zoids: Full Metal CrashJP

USA Exclusive Game Cube Games (100)
4×4 EVO 2
Alien Hominid
All-Star Baseball 2002[10]
All-Star Baseball 2004
American Chopper 2: Full Throttle
Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis
Army Men RTS: Real Time Strategy
Army Men: Air Combat – The Elite Missions
Army Men: Sarge’s War
Backyard Baseball
Backyard Baseball 2007
Backyard Football
Bionicle Heroes
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2005 Adventures
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2
Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures
City Racer
Cubix Robots for Everyone: Showdown
Curious George
Dinotopia: The Sunstone Odyssey
Dr. Muto
Dragon Ball Z: Sagas
Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures
ESPN MLS ExtraTime 2002
Freaky Flyers
Freestyle MetalX
Frogger: Ancient Shadow
Frogger’s Adventures: The Rescue
Go! Go! Hypergrind
Grooverider: Slot Car Thunder
Home Run King
Intellivision Lives!
Karaoke Revolution Party
Lotus Challenge
Madden NFL 07
Madden NFL 08
Madden NFL 2002[17]
Major League Baseball 2K6
Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge
Meet the Robinsons
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Mega Man X Collection
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Bonus Disc
Midway Arcade Treasures
Midway Arcade Treasures 2
Midway Arcade Treasures 3
MLB Slugfest 20-03
MLB Slugfest 20-04
Monster 4×4: Masters of Metal
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Muppets Party Cruise
MVP Baseball 2004
MVP Baseball 2005
Namco Museum
NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup
NASCAR Thunder 2003
NASCAR: Dirt to Daytona
NCAA College Basketball 2K3
NCAA College Football 2K3
NCAA Football 2003
NCAA Football 2004
NCAA Football 2005
NFL Blitz 20-02
NFL Blitz 20-03
NFL Blitz Pro
NFL Quarterback Club 2002
NHL Hitz Pro
Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island
Nintendo GameCube Preview Disc
One Piece: Grand Adventure
Pac-Man Fever
Pac-Man World Rally
Pinball Hall of Fame: The Gottlieb Collection
Rayman Arena
Smashing Drive
Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike Preview Disc
Street Hoops
Strike Force Bowling
Super Bubble Pop
Surf’s Up
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare
The Ant Bully
The Fairly OddParents: Breakin’ Da Rules
The Fairly OddParents: Shadow Showdown
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
The Haunted Mansion
TMNT: Mutant Melee
Tom and Jerry: War of the Whiskers
Tonka: Rescue Patrol
TransWorld Surf: Next Wave
Trigger Man
Tube Slider
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan
World Series of Poker
Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury

No Playtonic support from me

I have asked now 10 times for playtonic to issue me a refund on my kickstarter funds and they have yet to respond to a single one. I will not be buying any games they release and will be contacting my bank to have them do a chargeback. I will never again give these clowns any money for games.

Coming from someone who has bought 3 copies of conker bad fur day on n64 (keep getting stolen from me), conker pocket tales on gameboy color, both n64 banjo kazooie games, kameo elements of power on xbox360, banjo kazooie nuts & bolts on xbox360, rare replay on xbox one. Plus the many Nintendo properties (donkey kong country, etc), the nes games they did (Nightmare on elm street), etc to see a company made up from many of the people who worked on so many games I loved growing up turn to be like this. I can no longer support them and will use those future funds that would have been for playtonic games towards other companies that will actually respond back.